What Happened to Shane McMahon’s WWE Attitude Era Stooges?

Never walk down a dark alley in the “mean streets” of Greenwich, Connecticut. No one dares cross paths with the menacing clutches of the Mean Street Posse, a trio unit led by Shane McMahon who wreaked havoc along the way WWE‘s attitude era. Comprised of Pete Gas, Rodney, and Joey Abs, this upper-class group of lads did Shane McMahon’s dirty work until they erupted on their own, eventually leading to their downfall. With that in mind, some might be wondering what happened to the menacing characters of the Mean Street Posse. Where have all three members gone since the Mean Street Posse disbanded on WWE Television?


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The Mean Street Posse found incredible success in WWE

One of the reasons fans still love The Attitude Era is the variety of wacky characters that have featured on WWE TV. There was a lot more emphasis on personas in the late 1990s than there is today. From Texas “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to hypersexualized “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry, nearly every superstar on the Attitude Era roster has become a memorable performer.

The Mean Street posse was no different considering these jerks by Shane McMahon also became a memorable gimmick. Though the Mean Street Posse was a silly concept, it made good sports entertainment on TV. Ironically, the supposed street thugs from the “mean streets” of Greenwich, Connecticut, showed that sometimes the most unusual gimmicks are the most entertaining and fans and critics alike have fond memories.

Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs represented the upper-class trio that some might argue is just as intimidating as the Ministry of Darkness. Dressed in sweatshirts and dress pants, the Mean Street posse had an unorthodox choice of attire for in-ring competition. But dressing up in unusual attire is one of the best ways to stand out from the list, as there’s no denying the Mean Street Posse’s ability to stand out from the crowd.

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Raising the Mean Street Posse in the Wrestling Industry

The story behind Peter Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs’s upbringing in the wrestling business is unique in terms of their lack of wrestling experience and their real-life relationship with Shane McMahon. For example, Peter Gas and Rodney were real school friends of Shane McMahon long before they came to WWE. Because of their connections, Peter Gas and Rodney were brought into WWE in early 1999, despite their lack of wrestling experience.

Peter Gas, or Peter Gasparino as his real name is, was an athletic prodigy in college. He enrolled at the University of Connecticut and played college football for the Connecticut Huskies. Rodney, or Rodney Lienhard as his real name is, played soccer with Peter Gas in high school and even worked out with him at a WWE gym.

On the other hand, Joey Abs was the only member of the Mean Street Posse with professional wrestling experience before joining WWE in 1999. Joey Abs debuted in 1994, wrestling for Matt and Jeff Hardy’s OMEGA promotion and even serving as an enhancement talent for WWE in WWE in the mid-1990s. He was the first wrestler to take Steve Austin’s Stone Cold Stunner. Surprisingly, in December 1996, on an episode of WWE Superstars, Joey Abs scored a pinfall victory over “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in a handicap match.

What happened to the Mean Street Posse?

The Mean Street Posse became active performers on WWE’s main roster until the late 2000s, when they managed to win the Hardcore Championship four times, with Peter Gas winning it twice. After splitting up with Shane McMahon, the Mean Street Posse became mostly enhancement talent until they were sent to Memphis Championship Wrestling in late 2000.

Once Shane McMahon’s henchmen became part of Memphis Championship Wrestling, the Mean Street Posse managed to achieve some success, most notably with Joey Abs winning a championship five times.

However, The Mean Street Posse was released by WWE in June 2001 and all men retired from professional wrestling not too long after that, although Pete Gas did appear on the 15th Anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw and compete in a legendary battle royal .

After mostly staying out of the wrestling limelight since retirement, the Mean Street Posse individuals went into other ventures. For example, Pete Gas started working at an office supply company. Joey Abs became involved in a family-owned auto repair shop. And Rodney started his own landscape management company. Shane McMahon’s former henchmen seem to be holding up well.

All three men might not have been the most successful wrestlers, but they became memorable performers during one of the hottest times in wrestling. Some wrestlers who have been in the business for many years can only wish they got the TV exposure that Mean Street Posse had.

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