UK PS5 Live Stock Up: Latest news on console stocks from Game, Argos, Currys, Smyths and more

<p>We’ll keep you informed when the PS5 launches today </p>
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We’ll keep you updated if the PS5 drops today

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UPDATE: The PS5 might fall over very, BT and Smyths toys soon. Read on for more information.

We are now in 2022 and somehow the PlayStation 5 (PS5), which launched over a year ago in November 2020, is still difficult to buy in the UK, both online and in-store. Delivery problems and a global chip shortage triggered by the coronavirus pandemic have brought production of Sony’s game console to a standstill.

But if it’s your New Years resolution to finally get your hands on one, fear not because the IndyBest team is here to help. December was the best month for records replenishment, with a whopping 53 declines around Curries, PlayStation Direct, game, BT and AO. January was slow, but we’re only seeing drops AO and EE, as well as small independent retailers like Ebuyer and The game collection, most retailers are likely to recover and recover their inventories, so we hope for bigger and better things as January progresses.

Our liveblog is here to bring you the latest insights into the replenishments from all the major UK retailers, both online and in-store, as well as details on rumored releases, as well as the latest PS5 games and accessories to buy. Keep scrolling for the latest information.

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Check the inventory from PS5 retailers in the UK below:


Should you buy a PS5 from CeX?

Ah CeX, the bum of playground jokes and childhood second-hand gaming nostalgia. Although we like to think of CeX, we recommend not buying a PS5 from a retailer.

You pay the Wazoo for a standalone Disc Edition console, with the retailer currently selling it for £ 650. The console usually costs around £ 449 so it is better to wait for Amazon or Very to replenish the console than to buy it for an additional £ 200.

Alex LeeJanuary 7, 2022 10:10 am


We expect BT PS5 stock to decline soon

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BT Customers, have your account details ready. We predict that there will be another replenishment at the retailer soon. Yesterday EE had a pretty long top-up and that usually means one thing – a top-up at BT. This is because the EE and BT are basically attached to the hip. When one dealer has a supply, the other is usually not far behind.

BT prefers Mondays so don’t be surprised to see a top up on Monday morning. Obviously, some refill patterns vary a bit in the post-Christmas jumble, so a pinch of salt is recommended.

Alex LeeJanuary 7, 2022 9:50 AM


Could Game’s PS5 consoles be back in stock this month?

If you had stayed with us over the Christmas break, you would have seen how long the PS5 was in stock. at the game. The dealer went live on December 23rd, but it didn’t sell out until December 31st – a full nine days later. So if you’re looking for another drop on Game, you might have to wait a while.

Priority insured orders for the PS5 will not reach customers until today or next week, all other orders are expected to be dispatched on January 21st. We could see a spike in the week starting January 17th, but we think it’s more likely that Game will see a decline in the last week of January instead. It is never easy to be Nostradamus.

The game has a large number of bundles, all of which can be viewed on its page PS5 Bundles Page.

Alex LeeJanuary 7, 2022 9:35 AM


Could Smyths Toys PS5 stocks fall anytime soon?

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Aside from an online drop on December 2nd, Smyths toys has only had in-store drops that we think will be successful enough, or it would have reverted to its old model of having consoles online and in-store at the same time.

The retailer last had a replenishment in stores on December 16, with consoles reportedly ending up in shoppers’ arms just days before Christmas. Frustratingly, the retailer stops updating their website when they drop into the store. Hence, we mainly rely on leaks from Twitter inventory trackers to know when a store-to-store is happening.

Smyths likes to top up in-store earlier in the month, with customers paying a small deposit when they reserve a console for the first time. It could be replenished any day of the week next week, but we should have more specific information soon.

Alex LeeJanuary 7, 2022 9:16 AM


When could Very PS5 consoles next appear?

(The Independent)

very had three drops in December – that’s a lot for the retailer, who usually only has one or (in rare cases) two drops a month. We expect the online-only store to revert to its normal replenishment pattern after things settle down after Christmas.

A replenishment could take place next week, possibly on Tuesday or Wednesday around 10 a.m. Very is a good trader to remember. While refills aren’t too frequent, they typically last a few hours, and sister brand Littlewoods tends to decline at the same time.

Alex LeeJanuary 7, 2022 8:58 am


Who could replenish the PS5 today?

Hello PS5 hunters and have a nice Friday! After a glorious boost yesterday, your favorite PS5 stock tracker is back and ready to grab a console for all of you.

The game collection has now sold out its allotment of PS5s, but later in January we expect the bigger retailers to come out and play. We currently have our eyes open very, BT and Smyths toyswho we predict will populate the console next. Ready? Let’s go on the PS5 hunt.

Alex LeeJanuary 7, 2022 8:37 AM


A round-up of today’s PS5 restock events

All right, we’re closing here on the blog for tonight, but it’s been a pretty successful day. We saw not one, not two, but three retailers drop their stocks today – EE, AO and the game collection.

The gigantic £ 799.95 PS5 bundle is still in stock now, if you care at all – although we know it’s not for everyone. Didn’t you get one from AO or EE? We’ll be back tomorrow morning to take you through all of Friday’s inventory in real time. Bye for now!

Alex LeeJanuary 6, 2022 4:54 p.m.


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Alex LeeJanuary 6, 2022 4:20 pm


Best PS5 Games: “Demon’s Souls”

Did you pick up a PS5 this morning? You are going to want some games on this cute, sweet machine. One of our top picks is Demon souls.


A complete remake of the infamous action RPG from From Software.Demon souls on PS5 is an example of what the new console is capable of, ”our author said in their review. “The oppressive Gothic architecture, the yawning arches and the festering dungeons of this cult classic look spectacular on the new hardware and remain flawlessly true to the aesthetics and vibe of the original game.”

Alex LeeJanuary 6, 2022 3:30 p.m.


Can you play PS4 games on PS5?

When you sit there staring at your pile of PS4 games wondering if they’ll be playing on your new PS5. Don’t worry, they definitely will!

When you have the Disc Edition console, all of the blood, sweat, and tears that completed these campaigns are not wasted as you can insert your PS4 discs and play them on the PS5 with ease. However, only PS4 games purchased from PlayStation Store will work on the Digital Edition console. Why? Well because you are going to be trying to put a disc in a nonexistent hole and that is not a good idea.

Most PS4 games have had generous price cuts since the PS5 came out, so it’s well worth checking out our roundup best PS4 games shopping now.

Alex LeeJanuary 6, 2022 2:40 pm

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