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With a major renovation project underway, the Kelley House and Newes from America Pub will remain closed this summer as construction continues in the heart of downtown Edgartown. However, the project is no longer under scrutiny by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission after a plan to renovate and expand the historic 1742 building that houses the pub was shelved this winter.

Blue Flag Partners, the Boston-based real estate company that owns the hotel, continues to plan to complete the remaining renovations on the campus, which spans Dock, Daggett, North Water and Kelley Streets. “Our primary concern is to preserve the historic character of the property,” Blue Flag managing partner Jason Brown told the Gazette over the phone this week.

The project had been referred to the MVC for review as a Regional Impact Development (DRI). But in February the plans were withdrawn after a decision was taken to remove the 1742 renovation of the house from the project.

“Due to rising construction costs and an unspecified deadline for permits, we have withdrawn our planning application for the 1742 building,” Blue Flag partner Brad Guidi wrote in an email to the commission. “It is our understanding that the referral of this project to the MVC was based on the proposed construction of this building as part of the larger project and is no longer applicable.”

The hotel will remain closed this summer while renovations take place. — Ray Ewing

The commission’s DRI coordinator, Alex Elvin, confirmed in an email this week that the project no longer triggers a regional review. The plan includes moving a pool to the center of the property, renovating and redesigning the entrance to the hotel building along Kelley Street known as the Garden House, expanding the Pelican Club restaurant, and adding a parking lot for the new pool remove. The hotel and Newes from America pub closed in January and are now set to reopen in May 2023, Mr Brown said.

“Although this is a huge project, most of this work is taking place inside the buildings,” he said.

The 1742 building will not be altered – for the time being, said Mr Brown.

“Your approval period was a lot longer than we would have liked because we’re focused on opening this thing up for next summer,” Mr. Brown said when discussing the MVC. “So we said no problem, we’ll get back to you guys and do that as phase two.”

The tavern building became a hotel in the late 19th century when Elizabeth and Bill Kelley bought the property. In 1935, Mrs. Kelley’s nephew, Richard L. Colter, who also owned the Mansion House in Vineyard Haven, took over

Hotel acquired and renamed Great Harbor Inn. The name was changed back to Kelley House in the 1970s.

The renovation project was approved by the Edgartown Sewerage Commission in February, according to the record. MVC documents also show that the Edgartown Historical Commission approved the project. Building Authority records show that the project is awaiting permits for the Garden House and for planned renovations at 51 North Water Street.

“That’s the final piece of the puzzle,” Mr. Brown said of the building permits.

The contractor for the project is Metric, a Boston-based company that oversaw the Edgartown Yacht Club renovation project in 2018.

Metric will spend the summer gutting the interiors of the buildings being renovated, Mr Brown said. The pool will be relocated and the site will be renovated in the fall. The interior will be revised again in winter. “We look forward to bringing everything back to life, including next summer’s news,” said Mr. Brown.

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