The Little Shop has an entertaining core with a challenging UI – Big Boss Battle (B3)

I’ve been really enjoying simulator games lately, and so when Winkeltje: The little shop came to xbox, i was interested to download it and see what happened. This little shop game has many different options to manage things, keep customers happy and much more.

Winkeltje: The little shop starts by telling you a story. You see, you have a lot of debt that was passed on by family members who are no longer there. You want to pay off this debt and clear your family name. To do this, you’ve opened a small shop with some of your savings and need to buy products for sale and furniture to showcase those products. As you start your day, people will come through the door, see what you have, and often stand at your counter to ask for items you didn’t have on display.

They can then go around and refill the displays or give the items directly to people, although they seem happier picking them up from the furniture themselves. In the corner of the screen are a series of targets, along with a tracker that lets you know when your next debt payment is due. These payments can be made at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day, but if they’re not paid, the debt doubles, which nobody wants.

When it comes to purchasing products Winkeltje: The little shop, you can buy items at your counter but they cost a lot. The amount you make per sale is really limited. Instead, you should wait for a retailer to come by later in the day and spend some time seeing what items they have on sale and what their prices are.

Aside from purchasing items, you also need to keep an eye on your stock. You can’t hold more items than your store can hold, so you may need to purchase furniture that increases the amount you can hold. It’s a great management and balancing game! You can actually grow your business, although it’s expensive, and eventually start buying machines to produce your own items.

I put the first skills I had into gardening – buying seeds quickly and then growing my own plants instead of having to buy them from a dealer. Once you’ve harvested, you’re actually gaining seeds from the harvest, allowing you to continue growing. However, every day you must remember to water them. Depending on the plant, it may take a few days to actually grow before you can harvest it.

After that, I started unlocking machines that I could use to make food and clothes depending on the items I needed to put inside. A stove let me take food and cook it into various food products I had unlocked. More will be unlocked over time, and these machines are instantly available, which is super quick when someone wants them. You can then go back and cook.

The game itself is very simple, almost mindless as you go about your day and then move on to the next. There are different seasons, which means that some products are more popular at certain times of the year. There are also days when there are events, sometimes your store opens later or a certain type of product is more in demand. There is often not much warning in this.

My biggest problem with Winkeltje: The little shop is the user interface. A lot of the small windows (maybe they don’t translate well on Xbox) don’t seem to make much sense to me. I spent a lot of time buying decorations, but my attractiveness didn’t increase because I was at peak attractiveness. There seemed no way to unleash a higher power of attraction. But some of my quests UI said I had to do that. It’s very confusing and the answer was hidden deep in menus, as small text on an already small display. When it comes to building, the game doesn’t really explain how to build or place things. I ended up creating a few walls that I didn’t need and got very confused on doors. It took a while to figure out the building.

Even with the confusion about menus and trying to figure out how they work, I found the daily store Winkeltje: The little shop to have fun and relax while playing it. You can easily keep up with your debt and make sure you’re making money even if you don’t understand any of your responsibilities.

You can find Winkeltje: The Little Shop at Xbox and PC.

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