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Kathleen Peters
Graphic designer
Otsego Land Trust

The man and I are blessed with a beautiful property on Lake Schuyler. We decided a few years ago that it was worth maintaining and opted for a maintenance easement on our 22 hectares through the Otsego Land Trust (OLT). We have our own land to explore and enjoy, but the Land Trust has open spaces for everyone.

Several OLT properties in the county are open to the public from morning to night, with opportunities for hiking, fishing, paddling, garden walks, bird watching, and more.

The Land Trust sponsors occasional activities at these sites, such as a sunset tour of Parslow Road in search of the American Woodcock and a Storybook Trail Hike.

OLT also frequently seeks volunteers to help with the gardening work at Brookwood Point in Cooperstown. I consider myself a fairly accomplished gardener, but I learn so much more every time I go from people who are more knowledgeable than me.

Brookwood Point, Compton Bridge, and Greenough Road are all in Cooperstown.

Deowongo Island is in the middle of Canadarago Lake, and the Fetterley Forest east of the lake has the best sunset views when you hike up Panther Mountain. Lordsland Preserve is located in Roseboom. Parslow Road in Oaksville is the only one open in winter.

I strongly recommend going there and enjoying some of the autumn scenery. You can also look at leaves when the leaves are green.

Take a hike in one of these beautiful spots or go kayaking, fishing, even dog trips are allowed in some areas.

Please remember to respect mother nature and “leave no trace”. Nobody should ever know you were there … until you tell them.

Larissa Ryan
office manager
Cooperstown Artisan Festival
A big part of fall in Otsego County is the craft festivals that infuse the crisp fall air and great shopping.

The Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce recently hosted the Artisan Festival on the lawn of the Otsego County Courthouse. It was a two day festival with a huge number of vendors, live music and food. There were artisans from all over the state selling soaps, quilts, artwork, jewelry, and more. It was a great place to spend an afternoon browsing, making an impulse buy, and chatting with the sellers.
The best I found was probably my new handbag. It is quilted and the pattern is gray with golden brown leaves. It has an outside pocket and the inside is divided into three compartments. It’s rather subtle, but I like the fabric and the warm color palette. Kate’s Kreations also had purses, cosmetic cases, clutches and big bags. The person was super friendly.

When I finished with the artisans, I walked down Main Street to the library where Fine Arts on the Lawn was being held. There is an art exhibition on the library porch with paintings by members of the Cooperstown Art Association.

You can also go inside to see the current exhibition in the gallery.

Have fun shopping!

Kevin Limiti
Green Toad Bookstore
I don’t consider myself to be very close to nature, but someone like me also has to do something every now and then.
For this reason, it’s fortunate that the Green Toad Bookstore on Main Street in Oneonta is the perfect way to get out of the house and do one of the least strenuous activities: reading.

This independent bookstore is perfect, especially if you want to support local businesses. Not only does it have a large selection of classics, non-fiction and modern novels, but it is also linked to the Café Latte Lounge.

It’s perfect for grabbing a coffee and a book and sitting on the terrace and reading. Their sandwiches are great when you want to feed your stomach and mind too.

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