Sanitary sewer cleaning, inspections September 19-24

Residents on the streets listed below can see vehicles, work crews, and small equipment. The work crews wear high-visibility vests and appropriate identification. Certain conditions may cause this schedule to change.

West Hickman 5 Council Districts 3 and 5

Ashland Ter

Cassidy Ave

Chenault Rd

Chevy Chase Pl

Chevy Chase Ter

Chinoe Rd

Cochran Rd

Columbia Ave

Columbia Ter

cooper dr

cross ln

Duke Rd

Fontaine Rd

garden street

Hard Rd

holiday street

hollywood dr

Louisiana Ave

Marquis Ave

Melrose Ave

Oldham Ave

Oldham Ct

Orchard Ave

Pennsylvania Ave

Pennsylvania Ct

Providence Ln

Richmond Rd

Romany Rd


sunset dr

Tates Creek Rd

Tremont Ave

Woodland Ave


Sewer cleaning is done with a high-pressure water jet through a hose with different nozzles suitable for the type of sewer cleaning (roots, grease, etc.). The dirt washed out of the pipe is collected at another manhole by a suction hose or other means. The equipment used is called a vactor (vac) truck and you may have seen them before or in your community.

During the cleaning process, sewage pipes can develop air pressure or negative pressure due to the cleaning process. Excess air pressure or negative pressure is usually discharged through the ventilation openings. However, in some cases, air pressure can occasionally escape through the toilet, floor, sink, bath, or shower drains and squirt water, or a vacuum can pull the water out of the faucet and cause unpleasant odors. This is known as “kickback”.

What can I do to prevent “blow-back” into my home when cleaning nearby sewers?

To minimize the chance of “kickback”, cover all floor drains with plastic and place a weight on the plastic, cover all toilets with plastic and close the lid on the plastic, and allow water in each to eliminate odor Run the drain to refill the siphons.

The actual cleaning process from bay to bay doesn’t take too long, although you may see equipment in the area for a long time due to setup and teardown of equipment. The cleaning that could be affecting your home shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

What to do in the event of a “setback”?

As an important first step, please contact the LFUCG staff immediately on 311. This will initiate an investigation where a contractor foreman (or designee) will visit your home to confirm if the cleaning was the cause. If necessary, the contractor will ensure timely and thorough cleaning. This requires removing all residue, cleaning surfaces with a soapy solution, and disinfecting hard surfaces with a diluted household solution of bleach and water. Normal household cleaners are all that is needed. Rubber gloves are recommended.

Typically, recovery from a “blow back” event is as simple as removing all debris and cleaning the toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers that may have been affected. You can then continue with normal use.

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