Pittsburgh’s Community Impact project is improving space for family homes

Five companies and their employees who donated their rental expertise, equipment and labor completed the Community Impact Program’s latest project at the Family House in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, July 20.

The project – another joint effort by the ARA Foundation and The Toro Company Foundation – focused on furnishing and beautifying outdoor spaces for families seeking hospital treatment. The goal was to create a “home away from home” feeling where guests can relax when they and their families are dealing with life-threatening health situations.

Rental companies and industrial suppliers involved in the project included:

“It’s a massive place,” says Dan Skena, CERP, President of PartySavvy, of the location the crew worked to spruce up. “It’s a former Courtyard by Marriott that Family House bought. Family House provides housing for families of people coming to Pittsburgh for medical care who cannot afford a hotel. They had several facilities all over the city, all scattered, and after buying this facility, they were able to close the original facilities. Now they have everything in one central location, right next to one of our major hospitals. It’s a great location.”

Landscaping and spreading mulch kept the volunteer team busy all day. “I spent the first two hours of my day weeding a landscape bed that was about 4 feet wide and 100 feet long and full of vines, trees and all sorts of other things. And then some of us would shovel mulch into wheelbarrows and mulch the landscape beds there,” says Skena.

Given the massive size of the site, Skena says it would have taken a few more days to fully complete the project, but he’s pleased with what the group has achieved. “I think we made quite an impression for the size of our crew,” he says.

The Community Impact Program, which has previously included projects in Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, California and now Pennsylvania, involves the ARA Foundation and the Toro Company Foundation working with local nonprofits to coordinate charitable projects.

The next project is scheduled for Wednesday October 19th in Queens, NY at the Queens Botanical Garden. Watch your email for more project details and to register to participate.

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