Paristown Pointe Village Market is opening soon

One of Paristown Pointe’s most anticipated construction projects finally has a completion date: next month.

The Village Market has been under construction since January, according to officials behind the project, and they plan to open the renovated complex across from the Stoneware Art Building in August.

According to Paristown Food and Beverage Group, four restaurants will open on the property, with space for a fifth tenant in the more than 5,300-square-foot food hall. A bar is also planned, which organizers say will serve guests indoors and outdoors on a 3,000-square-foot terrace that opens onto Christy’s Garden, an urban venue and neighborhood green space.

The venue will serve guests in the building that previously housed The Cafe, which has moved to the Stoneware Art Building across the street in 2020.

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The project has been in the works for years, said Wes Johnson, president of Paristown Food and Beverage Group, and contractor Ormond Construction has faced numerous challenges during construction during the pandemic.

“(COVID) has delayed everything in our lives,” Johnson said. “It’s been in the planning stages since 2019.”

Village market rendering 2

Johnson’s group has worked throughout the construction process with the five companies planning to open in the new spaces, he said ahead of the coordinated opening. Barring any legal issues or additional supply chain setbacks, Johnson expects construction to be completed this summer.

“Consistent with the courage and determination that has always been part of Paristown’s long history, we have also been compelled to be patient and resilient as we complete the final stretch of Paristown’s first phase development,” Johnson said.

It will be a unique facility in the village market.

According to a press release from officials behind the project, restaurants will have on-site collective bargaining power for grocery supplies and other necessary items, which they say should result in lower costs for restaurants and better quality products for customers. Restaurants will exist as separate businesses but can also work together to reduce delivery trips and food waste while reducing the store’s carbon footprint.

Johnson declined to comment on the cost of building the facility.

Only one restaurant on the Strip has been announced – Jeff’s Donuts, which will be the only breakfast shop in the complex. The Jeffersonville-based donut shop serves fresh pastries every morning at the new Village Market, which will be open seven days a week.

Paristown Pointe, the neighborhood’s formal name, will be making announcements about the Village Market’s other new restaurants as early as next week. For now, Jackson said project officials are still looking for a fifth restaurant to also set up shop and encourage interested applicants to reach out to him directly at [email protected]

Paristown Pointe has seen several notable developments in recent years. The popular music venue Paristown Hall opened in the neighborhood near downtown Louisville in 2020, and earlier this year plans were released to also redevelop the long-vacant Urban Government Center.

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