Pam Larouche: The Auburn petition movement is not a “NIMBY” affair

Mayor Jason Levesque has a hat full of clichés among his magic tricks. One of his favorites is NIMBY — not in my backyard — which is used to inject guilt into Auburn citizens.

This tired and old acronym has nothing to do with how petition signers feel. The petition signers I met oppose the recent zoning ordinance because they don’t want their neighborhood’s landscape to change forever for the worse. No one wants to entrust shaping the city to five councilors (with the exception of civic advocates Richard Whiting and Belinda Gerry) and a mayor, none of whom have training in town planning, architecture, landscaping, and apparently aesthetics.

Citizens say “first things first”. Auburn needs to repair the deplorable state of its streets and address the safety and condition of homes in underserved neighborhoods.

Citizens say absolutely “no” to pizza shops, tattoo parlors and towering apartment buildings next to their 50 by 100 or 100 by 100 backyards. They want to come home to their piece of greenery as far away from noise and air pollution as possible.

The mayor has no problems with land confiscation. His backyard is more than 13 acres.

Pam Larouche, Auburn

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