News of July 16, 1894



MONDAY, JULY 16, 1894.


Several highway contractors are in town to bid for the West Main Street job.

It was raining just a little bit this morning at 1am. Warm, dry and dusty weather. Rain is badly needed.

The Tribute Report of the Christian Endeavor in Cleveland states: “Waler Oxtoby of Ionia has spent a few minutes proving that the Garden of Eden originally lay where Ionia now stands.” Mr. Oxtoby was right, and it was never removed. It’s still here.

Traverse City is said to have a large chair factory, Ionia Prison is said to supply the cane chairs.

Twenty-four pretty girls riding on a bus were wheeled away, thrown into the gutter, and the bus was torn to pieces, but none of the passengers were hurt. There is a growing impression that Ionia girls know how to take care of themselves. – Grand Rapids Democrat.

The water company’s new well was connected to the reservoir last night with an estimated increase in flow of about 400,000 gallons per day. Noting the increase, the Public Works Board has given consumers permission to blast the streets and dust only in the first and second precincts from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. and in the third and fourth precincts from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m

Even hotter today – 94.

A memorandum from the town doctor was presented to the town council last night, alerting the latter to the well-known fact that the town should have a vermin house. No action has been taken.

Workers are erecting the pylons in the city today for the long distance telephone which is expected to go into service in Ionia on August 1st. The wire is within 20 miles east of here.

Carson City Base Ball Club stops at the Bailey while in town.

Baseball yesterday – Carson City 4, Ionia 30.

Capt. and Mrs. JL Fowler are due to visit the city next Tuesday.

The Presbyterian Society, written out to the Methodist Church, has accepted the courteous invitation and will hold their morning service in their beautiful building. Appropriate and engaging music is provided by the choir, assisted by their former collaborator, Ms. LP Brock.

VETO BY THE MAYOR. The action of the Parish Council to authorize the use of Ionia sandstone was opposed at midday this morning by Major Chaddock who, following his own ideas and the violent protest of West End property owners, submitted his reasons to the Town Clerk as follows: Mayor’s Office, City of Ionia, July 18th. I hereby veto the resolution to replace Ionia Sandstone with Berea Stone to be used as

containment of the paving of West Main Street, and justify the following: First, that this is an experiment, as said stone, Ionia sandstone, was never used for this purpose, and I do not believe in experiments at such a high cost to taxpayers the city. Second, that after interviewing the majority of the property owners residing on this street and those whose interests are most important to consider, I find them united in protest against the use of the sandstone. Third, that citizens and taxpayers in general are demanding that this improvement be made permanent, which they believe will only happen if better quality stone is used. Fourth, that after personal investigation and study of the stone in question, I am satisfied that it is not a suitable stone to use for such an enhancement. Although I am in favor of promoting the domestic industry and using the products of our domestic market as much as possible, other things must be taken into account and in this case it is of paramount importance that when improving it should be made durable and durable . We are spending a large amount of money to make this improvement and we hope to get the best possible results from it, and while the Ionia Stone is a top-notch stone for certain purposes, there are purposes for which it would be totally worthless. If my action on this matter does not get the approval of the council it can very easily be removed as the said resolution was passed unanimously, but I will assume that I have done my duty to the citizens and taxpayers of the city. JOHN B. CHADDOCK, Mayor.

The Silver Graff block. Bids for the two-story, block-fronted, twin block to be built by N. Silver and Frederick Graff at the corner of Main Street and Cornell Alley opened at 1:30 p.m. on the afternoon of July 21, with the lowest bidder Frank Bonhagel at $8,400 to be.

ST. PETERSBURG, July 16. – One hundred and seventy-one new cases of cholera and fifty deaths from disease have been reported here. There are now 460 people suffering from cholera in the hospitals.

WASHINGTON, July 18. – The President signed legislation allowing Utah to hold a constitutional convention and be admitted as a state to the Union.

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