New children’s exhibit in the works at Imua Discovery Garden in Wailuku

The Doseum is a children’s museum and science center in Texas. Photo Courtesy: The Doseum

The team from Doseum Design Studios of San Antonio, Texas has come to Maui to help design a new children’s exhibit at Imua Discovery Garden in Wailuku.

The DoSeum is a children’s museum and science center dedicated to the education of children ages 10 and younger. Children are given the space they need to discover, learn, create and explore by developing their science, technology, engineering, math, arts and literacy skills.

DoSeum Design Studios was launched in 2018 in response to a growing number of requests to help other museums, schools, and community centers create interactive, STEM-focused exhibits for young learners.


By sharing the lessons they learned through their own work, The DoSeum was able to expand children’s access to world-class educational resources. DoSeum Design Studios is an initiative of DoSeum’s Exhibitions and Education Division. They leverage the skills and experience of DoSeum employees with additional consultants and contractors.

This week, the DoSeum design team, led by Meredith Doby, vice president of exhibitions, meets with Dean Wong, Imua’s executive director, and members of Imua’s early childhood education and clinical teams to explore the many opportunities for early learning exhibitions to explore.

They will be designed specifically and uniquely for Maui’s Keiki, with a key focus of the installations planned for Wailuku’s Imua Discovery Garden.


While on Maui, the DoSeum team will engage in conversations with cultural creators and tour locations around Maui to learn about the richness of what the island currently offers to children from a learning and cultural perspective.

The DoSeum team will also conduct interactive stakeholder meetings with learners from Imua Inclusion Preschool (ages 3 and 4) and Keiki from the community (ages 5 to 10). Through these activities, the children will help inspire and lead the way for what will ultimately become unique children’s exhibits for Maui.

“We had a unique opportunity to work with one of the country’s leading children’s museums to create a unique early childhood learning experience at Imua Discovery Garden,” said Wong. “With over 400,000 guests annually, The DoSeum staff are experts in learning through play. Play encourages the development of language, executive functioning, math and spatial skills, scientific thinking, and social and emotional development – ​​and that’s what Imua and Imua Discovery Garden are all about.”


The partnership between Imua Family Services and The DoSeum has been nurtured through the passion and dedication of Susan Moulton, Honorary Board Member at Imua Family Services and a leading supporter of Imua Discovery Garden.

Imua Family Services continues to actively pursue fundraising and development at the Imua Discovery Garden. If you are interested in contributing or volunteering, learn more at or call 808-244-7467.

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