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The contractor had brought 10 booths (kiosks) to open stores. He had also started work on a ground floor restaurant in the garden

NAGPUR: In another case of encroaching on public space, a private contractor has set up 11 commercial kiosks and a giant iron frame for a proposed restaurant on an 8,000-square-foot stretch of Sawarakar Nagar Garden under Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Laxmi Nagar Zone ( NMC) installed. .
Local residents, including a retired Neeri scientist and a DRDO scientist, have spoken out against the illegal construction, saying it would cause nuisance in the residential area and hinder physical activity near the children’s playground.
NMC Garden Superintendent Amol Chorpagar said they had issued urgent notices to the contractor, who was asked to halt ongoing work.
On Saturday, when TOI visited the site, only guards were stationed there and access was restricted to the construction area.
Local residents said the work has never stopped after it began a month ago. “The garden was under the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) when the contract was signed with the contractor. Now the garden has been handed over to the NMC. The contractor claimed that he carried out the work under the terms of the contract with NIT. We check the contract. By then he was asked to stop work,” Chorpagar said.
He added that the contractor was also found to be neglecting garden maintenance work. Chorpagar said the contract is likely to be scrapped.
NG Swarnarkar, a retired Neeri scientist, said the garden was developed after a legal battle with PMG Housing Society and an individual who claimed ownership in 2008. “During the trial, he was in ruins. After the order was placed, the garden was developed by the NIT in 2008. About a year ago, the contractor brought 10 booths (kiosks) to start business. He also started work on a Ground+1 restaurant in the garden last month,” he said.
Swanarkar said responses to RTI objections showed the construction was illegal. “The plan has no approval from the citizenry. It was carried out in brazen violation of norms. Construction workers cut down mature trees during construction. When we objected, he covered the perimeter fence with metal sheets,” he said.
Bhushan Joshi, a former DRDO scientist, said the entire park was handed over to the contract entirely on a BoT basis. “He didn’t do any development work. He started his nursery. He wanted to open a music park, but when local residents pointed out that the DJ would DJ every day, he dropped it since this is a colony of elderly people. But he has now started work on the food park. This is a PU country and no commercial activity can be carried out here. It’s surprising how the NIT allowed it,” he said.


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