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What are loans and why are they convenient?


Online loans provided by non-banking companies, such as Szybka Gotówka, are modern financial products, which are a response to the current demand for quick and uncomplicated access to money. Thanks to modern technologies, payday loans via the Internet are a simple and convenient way to solve difficult financial situations. All you have to do is apply online and a quick loan can be in your account within 15 minutes! The comfort afforded by the possibility of obtaining such an instant financial support is now the weight of gold!

Why Fast Cash?

Are you wondering why you should take advantage of our offer and why our loan via the Internet is unique? The answer is simple and is in our name. The quick cash we offer is the result of an efficiently constructed verification system that allows you to quickly process your application and transfer your online loan to your account even faster. Because we not only provide loans, we deliver them quickly. Szybka Gotówka guarantees express, easy, convenient and completely safe access to financial products, such as online loans!
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And that’s not all! What else do we have in store?
Easy access

  • The possibility of registration via Facebook;
  • Minimal formalities;
  • Wide access channels: internet loan platform, e-mail, telephone.

A unique offer

  • The first loan is completely free!
  • We provide loans with a repayment period from 1 day to 65 days
  • We guarantee assistance in refinancing the loan!

Bonuses for regular customers

  • Favorable loyalty programs – every 5th loan free!
  • Quick loan applications via SMS and telephone;
  • Bonus for commands.

How to get a loan – 4 simple steps

How to get a loan - 4 simple steps


Are you 18 years old, Polish citizenship, a bank account in a Polish bank, a mobile phone and internet access? If so, you will get our online loan in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select the amount and the loan repayment period, which you just need to mark on the calculator located at the beginning of the page.
  2. Fill out the registration form or register by FB.
  3. The next step is the instant verification of the bank account by the BlueMedia website.
  4. Now you only have to wait for a while and the quick loan is already in your account.

Loans up to PLN 8,000 for everyone!

Someone says that the on-line loan is short-term and is granted for small amounts? If so, he has made a mistake or has very outdated information! At least when it comes to Quick Cash loans. Our company not only offers non-bank loans with a repayment period exceeding 2 months. With us, everyone can borrow from PLN 100 to even PLN 8,000. Do not hesitate! Check out our offer and see how fast online loans look like, designed for everyone and tailored to the individual needs of each!

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Hand over for a student loan – Risks to consider Fri, 22 Mar 2019 14:04:22 +0000

In the United States, it may seem impossible to be a student without student loans. State school fees can also cost tens of thousands of dollars, while private lessons in some high schools have reached $ 50,000 a year or more. As the university costs so much, it should not be surprising that the research indicates that at least one in five American families is carrying student debt.

As student loans have become a fact, many parents are now faced with an important question: should I grant loans to students for my children? College students often have little credit history, and they turn to parents, relatives or even friends to advise them so that they can get the most favorable loan rates.

However, before agreeing to sign a student loan for your children or anyone else, there are some important considerations to think about.

Loans to dependent students: an important risk

student loan application

The allocation of costs is always risky because it assumes joint responsibility for the full amount of student loan debt. In other words, you are 100% responsible for the loan you ask, even if your son or daughter is the one who is actually receiving the money to go to school. If your son or daughter cannot pay or does not pay for any reason, the account will be your responsibility.

When you give a student loan, you take an even greater risk than you do when you guarantee other types of debt because the law treats student loans differently:

  • Student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Except in very special circumstances, there is no way to get rid of student loan debt except by paying it.
  • Student loan lenders can celebrate social security. This can put the security of your pension at risk.
  • Credit institutions can demand tax refunds . This money is taken directly from the tax refund check for defaulted government loans.
  • Lenders are increasingly taking advantage of private credit collectors. Credit collectors can track you down using public documents and are often very aggressive in collection efforts.
  • Federal student loans have no statute of limitations. Unlike other debts, which become void after seven years, the debt collectors can pursue you indefinitely for unpaid student loans.

Due to these special rules, the debt collectors recover approximately $ 0.80 on the dollar for the outstanding student loan debt compared to $ 0.20 on the dollar for unpaid credit cards.

What to consider

debt collection

The special debt collection rules should give you a break if you are considering consigning for student loans, as the debt could be taxed for the rest of your life.

  1. Your children may not be able to pay. Even if your children have the best intentions, some students are simply unable to get enough jobs to pay back their loans. Before signing a student loan, consider whether the degree you are getting could actually lead to a career that will give you an income to repay the loan.
  2. If something happens to your children, you may be left with the account. No parent likes to think of something that happens to their children, but unfortunately accidents and illnesses occur. If your child is severely disabled or suffers from premature death, you may be left with an unpaid student debt plus all the rest.
  3. Your retirement is at risk . Wanting to help your children is noble, but there are no loans to get you through the pension. You also have to take care of your future, and that means investing a significant amount of money in your retirement savings.
  4. The granting of a student loan requires a long commitment. With graded payment programs and long repayment periods, it is not unusual for people to bring a student loan balance for decades. This means that the designation of a student loan could be a 25 to 30 year commitment on your part.
  5. The assignment of a student loan can create a family conflict. While you might want to help your children, also put the emphasis on the relationship by mixing your money. What will happen to your relationship if your children do not repay the loan as promised?
  6. Cosigning can damage your credit. If your child is late in paying, this can appear on your credit report and damage your credit score. Even if your child makes payments on time, the required monthly payments will be shown on your credit report as an obligation. This can affect the debt / income ratio and the debt / credit ratio, and when creditors see that you owe this money, it can become more difficult for you to get a mortgage or a car loan if you need it.

Before signing a loan, make sure you understand the implications of all these problems. You should sit down with your child and have a serious discussion about the importance of the decision you are making. Many students do not fully understand the debt they incur when they go to college, and you need to make a joint family decision that your child is really ready to take the responsibility associated with obtaining a degree and going into debt.

Consider the type of student loan

student loan

Another final question that you need to ask yourself before signing a loan is: “What kind of loan is my child taking?” To qualify for federal student loans, students usually don’t need cosigners, as these types of loans are specifically targeted at college kids. In many cases, however, your child will need you to grant a private loan.

Private loans can have higher interest rates than federal student loans. They may also have limited options for repayment, and may not offer the flexibility of being able to postpone the payment, put the loans in tolerance, or make payments based on monthly income. If your child is taking private loans, make sure you have researched all other federal aid options first and make sure you have all the details about the lender and the terms of the loan. If you sign, you take responsibility for this private debt. Therefore, it is particularly important to do the necessary research.

Final word

Although it may seem that good parenting is willing to provide student loans for your children, you need to make sure that you make smart choices for yourself too – with a special consideration given to your oldest years when you are no longer able to work. If you decide that cosigning is not right for you, there are many ways you can help your child, including assistance in finding alternative loans, scholarships and other financial aid options. You never feel obliged to make such an important decision for your financial future, unless you are willing to accept that circumstances can make you pay the bill.

Have you ever signed a student loan for your children?

Is buying a home with a friend a good idea?

Renting a home or apartment with a friend is a great way to save money and allows you to enjoy the company of another person while you do it. While it is common for friends to rent a place together after high school or college, it is often a short-term arrangement until one gets married or can afford their own place.

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How to choose a mortgage loan term for the home Wed, 06 Mar 2019 14:36:33 +0000

Regardless of whether you are buying a home or refining your current home, you can assume that your financing choices with a fixed rate home loan are limited to a period of 30 or 15 years. While these are the most popular loan choices according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), many lenders offer mortgage loans for almost every loan term that you choose.

The MBA states that 15% of all mortgages for refinancing homeowners were for non-traditional terms in June 2012, while only 2% of mortgages for a home purchase related to non-traditional loan terms. In fact, 85% of purchase loans consisted of 30-year fixed-rate loans.

If you are evaluating the refinancing, a non-traditional mortgage term of 20, 10 or even an odd term of 17 or 23 years might be interesting because you can dedicate the loan payment to a specific date, such as the pension or what the date would have been of payment of your original 30-year loan.

Loan Options

Loan Options

Customized loan terms are available as long as there are mortgage loans, particularly from small community banks and credit unions. These days, some of the largest mortgage lenders have entered the offer of individualized mortgage loans. For example, Quicken Loans heavily advertises its “YOURgage” program, which allows borrowers to choose a loan term from 8 to 30 years with a fixed rate. These loans are available for $ 25,000 to $ 417,000. If you are a homeowner, you can refinance up to 95% of the value of the home and, if you are a buyer, you can buy a home with a 5% down payment.

While the custom terms of, for example, 7 or 17 years are not always available at major financial institutions, some lenders like Chase Mortgage offer fixed rate loans for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40-year terms.

Shorter loan terms and alternative loan terms have become more popular in recent years for two reasons: first, extremely low interest rates make monthly payments on shorter mortgages more accessible to borrowers. Secondly, the recession and the appalling levels of unemployment have led many consumers to embrace the concept of eliminating all debt, including mortgages.

Why choose an alternative loan term?

Why choose an alternative loan term?

There are several reasons why you might want to choose an alternative loan term:

  • Less Interest Shorter loan terms tend to be more popular with refinancing homeowners than with buyers. This is because these homeowners have paid their loan balance for several years and want to stay on track to pay their home within the original time period of their first loan – typically 30 years. If you have a 30-year mortgage and have been making payments for 11 years, you may not want to refinance into another 30-year loan because that means you will pay interest and pay mortgages for a much longer time. You can save thousands of dollars in interest payments with a shorter loan term and use that money for other investments.
  • Convenient payment date . In addition to wanting to comply with the mortgage program, it is possible to consider a different loan term so that the repayment date of the loan coincides with the retirement date or when the child starts college. Some refinancing homeowners want their new loan to end when their original loan ends, and then switch to a 20-year mortgage if they have had their current loan for 10 years.
  • Budget constraints . Both buyers and homeowners may want to choose a custom loan term to find the best solution between their housing budget and the duration of the loan. For example, if the payments are too high on a 15-year loan, they could be accessible on a 20-year loan, even if the interest rate is slightly higher.

How to choose a loan term


If you are a refinancing buyer or homeowner, the decision on the loan term should be made in the context of a financial plan. Decide how much you can afford to spend on your monthly mortgage payment before you start discussing loan options with a lender. Even if a lender states that you can qualify for a larger mortgage or a short-term loan, you may have other ways you would prefer to spend your money.

So think about how much time you want to stay at your home and what your future spending needs will be for children, college or retirement. Even if you plan to sell your home within five to seven years and want to keep your monthly payments low, remember that with a short-term loan you will build equity faster and then generate more profit when you sell.

Comparison of loan characteristics


You should compare your loan options in different ways:

  • Rates and interest rates . Some lenders offer alternative loan terms at a higher rate than standard loan terms, so make sure you know how much you have to pay before opting for a specialized loan term. Interest rates are lower on short-term loans, but the spread between them changes every time mortgage rates change. Generally, the difference between a 30-year and a 15-year loan is greater than the difference between a 20-year and a 15-year loan. Your credit institution can charge the same interest rate for a 20-year loan and a 23-year loan, so be sure to compare all possible loan terms before deciding which one works for you.
  • Depreciation . Your lender can prepare amortization tables for a variety of loan terms and rates to show you the principal and interest at various points in your loan. With a shorter loan term, you start paying your capital faster; however, during the first years of a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, payments are almost entirely of interest. An amortization table can show how much less you pay in interest if you opt for a shorter loan term.
  • Monthly payments . Monthly payments vary widely based on the term of the loan. Typically, mortgage capital and interest payments are higher with a shorter term loan, but since interest rates are lower on those mortgages, the payment may not be as high as you think.

Consider a $ 200,000 mortgage comparing 30-year and 10-year loan terms. On a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 37.3%, capital and monthly interest would be $ 884, while on a 10-year fixed-rate loan at 2.75%, capital and monthly interest would be $ 1 , 908.

After five years, the loan balance on a 30-year loan at that rate would be $ 178,610 compared to $ 105,193 for the 10-year loan. You will save $ 89,280 in interest payments by choosing the ten-year mortgage due to lower interest rates in the short term of the mortgage.

Remember, while paying less interest is a good thing, and shortening your loan period allows you to pay off your mortgage faster, the tax deduction on mortgage interest will be reduced and eventually disappear. Make sure you plan potentially higher fees if you choose a shorter loan term.

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Credit debt Tue, 26 Feb 2019 21:52:57 +0000

A debt relief loan differs from an ordinary consolidation loan. In the case of consolidation, we combine several loans into one and we gain a lower installment. However, it is a product intended for people without delays in repayment, with a positive credit history.

However, an overly indebted person is trying to obtain a debt loan, which is unable to pay its debts normally. He often has already terminated contracts, debt collection and a debt collector on the back of his neck.

Is there still a chance for a loan in such a situation? In a normal bank, unfortunately, we will not get a debt loan. What else in SKOKach. One of them offers a debt loan for indebted people:

Credit debt

Credit debt

  • Loan for repayment of outstanding liabilities
  • Up to 70% of the property value
  • Also with court bailiffs and debt collection
  • No initial fees
  • For people from all over Poland

Who can get a debt loan

Who can get a debt loan

The purpose of such a loan is debt relief, not contracting the client. For this reason, in order to receive a loan, we must show a fixed income , enabling regular repayment of installments. The second condition is the presentation of a property that will secure the loan. The owner may be any person who will enter into a contract with us.

How to get a debt loan?

1. We fill out the query here.

2. Analysis of the indicated data.

3. Sending the required documents and meeting with the consultant.

4. Submitting a credit application in SKOK.

5. Debt loan payment at the SKOK headquarters.


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How to Calculate Loan Fees of the National Bank? Fri, 08 Feb 2019 21:52:08 +0000


Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 Pesos?

The Banco de la Nación Argentina has been in operation since 1891 and is one of the most sought after entities when it comes to requesting a loan . If you are doubting which entity is the most convenient for you, after reading this article you will be able to know if the National Bank is a valid alternative in your case. I will begin by explaining everything necessary about the loan installments , how to use the simulator to calculate the credit installment and what you need for this entity to take as a possible borrower.

How is it done to calculate the loan fee before accepting the terms offered by the National Bank?

Calculating how much you should pay for each loan installment can be confusing because such amounts are affected by several factors. To the money you requested, you must add the interest rate and taxes, such as VAT, for example, to calculate the final cost. But also, there are differences between the initial fee and those that follow. Fortunately, Banco Nación offers its clients the possibility of knowing these details in advance. If you enter the online simulator of this bank, you can indicate the terms of your credit to get the amount of each loan installment. This is the most effective way to keep a good control of the expenses that you will have in each month and to be able to organize your income according to these expenses.

Do the fees vary according to the loan you choose?

Do the fees vary according to the loan you choose?

Yes, indeed, all the terms vary according to what you select. When focusing on the payment plan, I must say that the number of installments has variations that depend on the packages. For example, within cash loans, there are 5 packages that offer payments of up to 72 months, with an exception that only reaches 60. This difference is because the maximum limit of money to apply in the latter case is lower. Another variation can be found in the costs to be paid, since these change according to a longer or shorter term loan.

When paying attention to the loans stipulated for specific purposes, when being granted for smaller amounts, the available installments to cancel the debt are less. Here, there may be between 36 and 60 months depending on what you choose.

The last group designed for the sector of pensioners and retirees, contemplates quotas similar to the special packages, that is to say, around 60 months to pay the installments.

What do I have to do if I want to know the number of installments that I have left to pay to Banco Nación?

The loan, or credit, is a contract that happens between the applicant and the bank. For this, the bank is obliged to provide all the details of it. This includes notifying the interest rate, the taxes you charge and any other costs that appear, such as the price of each installment payable and what the date of the last installment would be. If a few months have passed and you have lost your account of the fees paid, you should only return to the contract and the terms to obtain that information. Another way is to contact the bank because, it may happen, that what is detailed in your summary does not match what you paid. For any questions, I recommend contacting the National Bank to clarify any doubts.

What is the best loan simulator they recommend?

What is the best loan simulator they recommend?

The best option is always to make use of the simulator provided by the entity with which you want to take out the loan because that simulator calculates the cost according to the interest rate charged by the bank. Thus, you will obtain a real approximate calculation of your loan in that entity. On the other hand, if you are not yet convinced with which entity you should work, a practical alternative is to use a loan multicomponent like you can find on our platform. By indicating how much money you need and how many installments you want, we will show you the different alternatives offered by the entities according to the interest rates stipulated. As a result, you will get the list from the cheapest loan to help you decide your best option.

What does the National Bank mean when it talks about a monthly fee? What is paid in them?

The sum of the money borrowed with the interest that the loan receives and the taxes that the bank charges for the service, are divided by the number of months in which you want to cancel the loan. That is, the debt is divided among the number of months that you select to cancel the installments. There are two data that are essential to know in order not to encounter costs that you did not expect.

  • One of them is that the quotas are not uniform, but it is common to find differences between one quota and another.

  • The other is to know exactly what is charged in the installments. In the case of Banco Nación, you will find the following information in detail: the initial TNA, VAT, TEA, TEM and, of course, the total financial cost that the loan generates.

Having this information will be vital to know if it is convenient or not to take out a loan with Banco Nación.

Characteristics of loans and fees 

Characteristics of loans and fees 

Before finalizing, I want to leave you this list that summarizes some of the most important characteristics of the personal loans offered by the Banco de la Nación Argentina:

  • Various types of loans that can help every citizen.

  • Your online simulator provides comprehensive information about the loan before hiring it.

  • Explicarratos iluminatedÁS Terms iluminated Sud sociedades infección specific terms for eachódigos.

  • Branches throughout the country.

  • Pre approval according to the applicant’s financial capacity.

  • Accessible fees.

  • Specific data of the amount of the quotas.

Now, we have reached the end of this article confident that the information you just read helped clarify the doubts I had about Banco Nación and its products. If you have any other specific doubt, we invite you to leave us your query and thus, help you get the financial support you need.

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