Expert comments on TikTok gardening hacks

A GARDENING expert looked at hacks that went viral on TikTok to help the British with the green thumbs thrive in their hobby.

Kate Turner, a gardening guru at Miracle-Gro, shared her thoughts on the new trends and generated millions of views on the popular social media app.


A gardening expert commented on TikTok hacksPhoto credit: Getty

The first video claims that there is a right and a wrong way to water plants.

“There is such a thing as wrong watering, you want to water around the plant and not over your head,” says the woman in the short clip.

And after The expresswho spoke to the green thumb expert that TikTok was right.

“You should never water your plants from above, so this advice is spot on,” said Kate.

“By wetting the foliage, you encourage fungal diseases and the water evaporates faster.

“I would always recommend watering in the morning instead of in the evening.”

Another video on TikTok claimed that planting a bulb of garlic used in cooking will grow a new clove of garlic.

Unfortunately, that tip isn’t entirely accurate, Kate told The Express.

“I wouldn’t recommend using store-bought garlic for propagation because you don’t know the strain,” she said.

“Knowing the variety of garlic is important because store-bought ones are generally only intended for cooking and have grown in warm weather and therefore need the same weather to grow new seedlings.

“You should buy garlic plants from UK nurseries or garden centers because they are specially grown for our cooler temperatures and they are also more disease resistant.”

In a third video posted by @epicgardening, TikToker claimed that using a fan to blow air on new seedlings will strengthen them and help them grow.

“Do you see how these seedlings wobble in the wind?” They said in the video.

“Well, that’s because I set up a fan to actually blow air on it to strengthen the stems and grow beautiful and sturdy seedlings.

“This is one of the things that novice gardeners get the most confused about when they start their seedlings indoors. You have to mimic Mother Nature!”

But the gardening guru said that while this hack is not wrong, it is not perfect.

This is a solid theory as it will help strengthen the stems and foliage ready to be planted outdoors, but it is difficult for most home growers to achieve, “said Kate.

“Instead of using a fan, I suggest gently hand stroking the seedlings a few times a day to reproduce a breeze.

“If there’s a light breeze outside and the weather is warm enough, you can place your seedlings near an open window and remember to close it as soon as the temperature drops.”

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