Statute of Limitations California Debt

A statute of limitations for California Debt Just like any other American state, Californians rely on credit cards to get by daily. These cards end up accumulating lots of debts for the cardholders. Apart from credit card debts, there are several other debts including student loans, auto loans, and mortgages. California is also one of the states that are known […]

Afni Collections

Dealing with AFNI Collections AFNI Collections is a customer lifecycle solutions company that deals in consumer collections, insurance subrogation, and customer growth. The firm was first known as H.A Slaven Collections Bureau when it was established in 1936. It was sold to Earl Anderson in 1976 and then the name was changed to Anderson Financial Network Inc. That is how […]

Debt consolidation calculator

What Is Debt Consolidation Calculator? Debt consolidation calculator By using a credit consolidation calculator, you are able to compare the different costs of all your existing debts, with the terms of the monthly payment that you can get if you shuffle all these debts into a consolidation loan. How does a credit consolidation calculator work? You just have to enter […]