Bring a beach party vibe to your back garden

It’s the time of year when we return from summer vacation rejuvenated and refreshed. and most of the time we wish we could bring some of that happy holiday cheer home with us. Or – thanks to airport chaos and Covid fears – we have given up the idea of ​​going away and are in dire need of a place to stay.

As more hotels at home and abroad create inspiring gardens for their guests to explore, our home gardens are increasingly becoming places where they engage not only in the hands-on activities of planting, weeding and growing, but also as an extension of the Home: a place to relax with family, meet friends, maybe even as an occasional outdoor home office.

All inspired in part by their owners’ travels, these three gardens are designed for fun, relaxation and the perfect setting for laid-back summer parties. Each has its own style and atmosphere, but a common thread is the focus on the elements that make a garden an additional living space: comfortable furniture, soft, inviting textiles and lots of attention, both in the form of planting and decorative accessories .

Memories of Morocco

When Kate Revere and her family moved into their east London home, the garden was overgrown, riddled with nettles and dominated by a giant holly tree out the back door. Still, she was grateful for it: “I had just moved back from New York,” she says, “so it felt like a huge privilege to have such a large outdoor space.”

Although this is the first garden she created from scratch, she had clear ideas about how it should look and her design focused on a series of zones, each with their own style and mood. Closest to the house is what Revere calls the “party area,” or what her neighbors refer to as the “Ibiza zone” (“And yes, they attend the parties, too!” she says).

Monochrome floor tiles flow from the kitchen and set the tone for the space, which has a sitting area with a low wooden sofa with waterproof cushions and a coffee table on one side and a dining area with a modern metal dining set on the other.

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