According to experts, the 5 best terrarium kits in 2022

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  • Terrariums are essentially small, enclosed gardens that you can curate yourself.
  • Terrarium kits are a great way to start with the best plants for your home.
  • We spoke to 3 experts about the best terrarium kits, from a “Harry Potter” one to a high-tech device.

Would you like to add more greenery to your room, office or home without simply buying another houseplant? Consider building your own terrarium.

“A terrarium is a closed glass or plastic container in which plants are grown,” says Lisa Steinkopf, who runs the blog The houseplant guru.

Typically, moisture-loving plants like ferns, begonias, gesneriads, and more need the extra humidity that the closed container provides, she adds. But terrariums occasionally come in open containers, and the size and amount of plants contained can vary, according to Justin Hancock, a gardener at Costa Farms.

If you’re intrigued by gardening but feel overwhelmed, making your own terrarium can be a fun and easy way to start growing plants. Or if you have experience gardening or collecting houseplants, a terrarium can be a new, more creative medium to try. “Terrariums add another dimension to your indoor gardening,” says Steinkopf, who loves building terrariums. “They have an intriguing mystery and contain a ‘small world’ that fascinates people of all ages,” she says.

Because terrariums are usually small, you don’t have to worry about taking up a lot of space like in a traditional garden. “They help those who may not have their own outdoor spaces to enjoy and learn from their own mini garden without setting foot outside,” says Elizabeth Waddington, garden designer and sustainability consultant for Magazine horticulture.

Creating your own terrarium offers the opportunity to get creative and play with shapes, plants and colours. “Building a terrarium is the ultimate opportunity to express your creativity with plants!” says Hancock. Waddington adds that designing your own terrarium allows you to hone your design skills on a smaller, more manageable scale than a large outdoor garden.

Why buy a terrarium set?

“Many kits come with all the materials you need to build a terrarium, taking the guesswork out of it,” says Hancock. Some kits also include the plants themselves, making the process even easier.

Also, the kits come with exactly the materials you need, which is handy so you don’t have to shop for each item or worry about leftover soil if you’re unsure about making additional terrariums.

Here are the 5 best terrarium kits recommended by experts:

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