6 new highlights at Fort Canning Park, from the interactive Heritage Gallery to the expanded Spice Garden


A book produced by NParks entitled Fort Canning Park: Heritage & Gardens has been published.

It documents the history and design concept of the park’s nine landscaped gardens.

There are also various stories and facts about the park’s fauna, monuments and objects, and buildings.

It can be purchased at various locations around the Singapore Botanic Gardens or on the Gardens Shop website.


The third level of the Fort Canning Center will house a new [email protected], a 210-square-foot space that will host exhibitions and events, NParks said.

His first exhibition, a collaboration with the Society for Chinese Ceramics Studies (SCCS), is entitled “Kaleidoscope in Clay (I): Glazes and Shapes through 5,000 Years of Chinese Ceramics”.

About 140 pieces of Chinese ceramics from the collection of SCCS members are on display, including pieces dated back more than 4,000 years.

In connection with the exhibition, the SCCS is also organizing a course with 12 lectures on the history of Chinese ceramics.

An exhibition preview of selected exhibits will take place from August 26 to September 11, the full exhibition opening will take place from October 7 to February 10, 2023.

A second exhibition entitled “Kaleidoscope in Clay (II)” focuses on ceramics from the Song and Yuan dynasties and runs from February 24, 2023 to June 30, 2023.

All exhibitions are open to the public, admission is free.

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