Dedebt | Payday Loans & Consolidation / Payday Loans Made Easy Sun, 26 Apr 2020 07:08:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Consolidated Credit /consolidated-credit/ Sun, 26 Apr 2020 07:08:30 +0000 Many types of consolidated credit solutions united are available these days. There are financial tools and programs required to help you control your debt and manage your personal finance with the right counseling for months. With the appropriate financial strategy including bills consolidation, you can improve your financial situation and even reduce stress in your pocket with good counseling set.

How to consolidate your credit?

If you are pressured by many monthly payments required, you are probably wondering how to deal with the multiple personal finance obligations. United credit counseling united may be the answer for months, especially if you are looking to:

  • lower your high-interest rates services
  • preserve or improve your loan card loan score services
  • reduce the total amount of monthly repayments services
  • get rid of your debts faster
  • have more disposable income
How to consolidate your credit?
How to consolidate your credit?

You can consolidate any unsecured debt and credit united– such as bills cards, student loans, payday loans online,  medical including bills. Depending on the number of your evaluation with a certified credit counselor and the total of your loan, you may be eligible for more than one option for consolidation.

Keep in mind that some types of consolidation may require a good loan score set. These are typically the loan card balance transfers provide (consolidation of multiple credit cards obligations into one credit cards debt payment) and home equity loans. They usually provide the best confidential evaluation including interest rates and good terms and conditions for repayment. However, if you are already behind schedule with some of your existing debts, your credit cards debt score is more likely to be damaged and you will probably not qualify for those. Check it with a good loan counseling.

An unsecured debt management program is a less risky solution. You are not providing any collateral and your assets are safe. But you will likely pay a higher interest rate and your repayment period could be shorter.

You can consolidate your certified personal financial counselors by applying them to debt counseling. Your application should contain personal information about you, type of credits you have (secured or unsecured), your monthly installments, your income and others at the discretion of the lending company. Debt consolidation companies usually allow you to apply for free-of-charge certified personal financial counselors and experts to advise you. Then you will be offered to apply to the most suitable option for consolidation.

What is Bad Loan Consolidation?

This is a more sensitive topic because having bad debt is usually making things more difficult. With a poor credit score, your options may be less favorable in terms of debt consolidation news tools. Still, some of the direct loan consolidation companies have developed financial products to meet your needs in consideration of your situation. It should be noted that once you start the repayment of your new consolidation loan, your debt score will be affected positively.

Consolidated loans are highly recommended before your debt score turns worse. Of course, you must be ready to face some disadvantages, such as fewer creditors willing to lend you a sufficient amount to cover your liabilities news tools.

Bad Credit Consolidation
Bad Loan Score Consolidation


What is Bill Consolidation?

Unpaid bills are also debts. If you have many late payments on your current bills, this may be an additional complication. Unexpected bills with outstanding loans to credit counselors are certified loan evaluators, outstanding bills may drain your budget. There are possibilities to combine your bills and loan into one consolidated credit counselors.

You should simply state your uncovered bills in your application for the new loan. That way, when you receive the sum for your consolidated debt, you will be able to repay everything you owe on time consent. Usually, large medical bills and utility bills are preferred for consolidation service, but you may try this with any overdue bills news.

When should I consolidate my loans?

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by your monthly loans and bills, you may seek consolidation. You should get informed about the risks and benefits of consolidated credit service. You should ask the debt consolidation company about the applicable charges and fees.

Do you need to consolidate all your loans or just some of them?

Consolidated credit may be applied to all your existing debt or part of it. However, you should be aware that bad credit consolidation may require all your liabilities to be fully paid off to get back on track with your money.

Sometimes you may need only bill consolidation – urgent repair bills, bills that soon will be transferred to debt collectors and others.

Unpaid bills are also debts

Important notes on Consolidated Credit

Consolidated debit only works properly if by receiving it, you get a lower interest and a reduced monthly payment compared to your existing rates and status of your payments.

Important notes on Consolidated Credit
Important notes on Consolidated Loans
  • Your spending habits may need some adjustment once you get your bad credit consolidation including bills consolidation. If you keep spending freely and irresponsibly, your consolidated credit may not serve its purpose of bringing you debt relief.
  • Good consolidated credit is the one that allows you to pay off your challenges with debt in 5 years. Any term above that is also acceptable, but it means you owe a lot and repayment will come slowly and costly.
  • You should be aware that consolidated loans may not be an option for people with limited income. You will need a good income to convince your new lender that you will be able to afford your new payment plan (especially if your debit score is already being compromised).
  • Debt consolidation and bill consolidation do not eliminate or erase your financial liabilities. Consolidated Bills is the chance to repay several creditors and to save your debt score, your assets and your income at the time consent. It still is a loan that needs to be paid off. Once you make repaying a steady, timely payment habit, it will start working for you. 
  •  Consolidated personal bills are your tool to streamline the process of money repayment.
  • You should probably avoid other loans and new cards for a certain period, as well as uncovered bills and prolonged payments.
Best Payday Loans in 2020 /best-payday-loans/ Mon, 20 Apr 2020 11:49:46 +0000 The Best Payday Loans Online in 2020

Payday loan providers have been under immense pressure for a few major reasons. The allegations that they prey on or target low income earners has been the major reason behind the backlash they face. The fact that the lenders charge exorbitant fees that often leave their clients trapped in debt cycle only worsens everything.

While it’s true that many lenders are guilty of all that they are charged with, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that the industry plays a crucial role. Responsible lenders encourage proper financial management to get out of debt or financial crises. What is more, some lenders provide the best online payday loans too.

Best Payday Loans
Best Payday Loans

What separates the best payday loans from the rest?

Simple Requirements

By nature, payday loans are short term. Typically, they last up to 30 days. You are expected to repay the short-term loan within 30 days. In some situations, you could get a lender who provides you with more time, which could be between 45 and 60 days. However, the latter are rare. The most common are 30-day loans. More important – than the short-term nature of the loans – is the requirements for getting one. Most lenders want you – the borrower – to get the money. For this reason, they have made it easier for borrowers to apply for and qualify for one. You only need the following to apply for payday loans:

  • a) Driver’s license
  • a) Social security card/number
  • a) Proof of income
  • a) Bank account number

Most payday loan lenders don’t even concern themselves with your credit score report, rating or score. Banks, on the other hand, would be more interested in that report. Payday loan lenders prefer making it easier for anybody to get the money. They don’t do this out of their altruistic nature. They do it because it’s good for business. Lenders have removed almost all the barriers that would make it harder for you to get a loan.

However, you still have to contend with the high fees and interest rates. In some states in the USA, the fees and interest rates can be as high as 574 percent. Remember, you only have a short time to repay that loan with the interest rates.

Give More People Access to Loans

Americans borrow more than $184 billion from friends and family each year. The reasons for borrowing differ from one borrower to the next. The tops reasons for borrowing include buying or servicing vehicles, staying on top of bills, taking care of financial emergencies, and paying tuition fees. Many borrow payday loans to consolidate the debt they owe. Other reasons include financing home renovation, catering for wedding expenses, repaying small business debts, and taking a vacation. Close to 12 million Americans rely on payday loans to cater for all these different expenses, which would be impossible to finance otherwise.

What to Look for in the Best Payday Loan Lenders

It’s important to know how to differentiate the best payday loan lenders from the rest. As stated earlier, some lenders go out of their way to offer you stunning services. Others are only interested in making as much money as they can from you. For this reason, it’s good to know what to look for in each one. This way, you would not allow your desperation for emergency financial assistance to drive you into the hands of a lender who could only make your bad situation worse. Below are some ideas to help you resolve this issue and prepare a shortlist of the lenders who provide the sort of services that you need.

Size matters

How many offices does the lender have around the country? Ask yourself this question since research shows that 30%-40% of payday short-term loan lenders are in it to scam clients. The same number of lenders provide these services to overcharge borrowers and make insane amounts of money. Confirm that the lender exists offline too. Some good lenders offer these services online only though. Do your research to avoid falling into the grip of the ones with ulterior motives. Otherwise, you would only be losing more money than you already need to enjoy financial stability.

Compliance with Government Laws

It pays to familiarize yourself with the laws the local state governments have put in place, especially where you live. Limit yourself to what the laws say about payday loans. Based on this, restrict your choice of lenders only to those who comply with these laws. The lenders’ APRs have to comply with the official rates that the local government has imposed. Compliance is good as it protects you. The government stepped in to offer the protection that customers need. Sadly, several lenders try to operate outside the established legal requirements the government has put in place.

Customer Service

The best payday loan lenders take care to provide clients with exceptional and reliable customer service. They are careful enough to set up professional customer service teams. Confirm that the lender has a working phone number. A website would also be great since you’re likely to access the customer service department via Live Chat. Chat with members of this team to evaluate how friendly they are towards you. How helpful are they? How quick are they to provide you with all the information you need? Do they withhold information from you? Do they answer your questions honestly and accurately? Contact the customer service to find out.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau could be your most useful tool in determining which payday lender to contact vis-à-vis the ones to forget. It reviews businesses based on how they resolve customer complaints. It rates businesses based on what customers have to say about the quality of services received. Don’t be in a rush to contact one for a payday loan without checking what the BBB has to say about it. The first one you see isn’t the best one for you, or it probably is. Research each lender thoroughly before borrowing. See what other borrowers have to say about each particular lender too. This information could help you to avoid many pitfalls.

What are the Best Payday Loan Lenders of 2020?

Now that you know all that, it would also be great to guide you on the best lenders.


PaydayChampion Loans

At the time of writing PaydayChampion was the number one site on google for payday loans online. They assert that they have a quick application process and no hard credit checks. You need an account in your name as well as having stead employment of at least three months.


 CashNetUSA Loan

This lender has very few requirements, thus making it easier for you to borrow money on short notice. Fill the application form that is online on its website. The dedicated customer service will also help you and answer any questions you may have regarding the payday loan. To qualify, however, you would have to prove that you’re at least 18 years old. Other than that, you would also need to prove that you have a regular source of income. A bank account that’s under your name is a requirement too. The amount of money you can borrow from this lender differs based on which state you are in within the United States.


Check into Cash Payday Loan

This lender has 1,000 branches located in 30 states around the country. With those many branches, you have a much higher chance of finding a branch near you where you can visit and learn more about taking out a payday loan. You can apply for and get anywhere between $50 and $1,000 in a matter of days.

However, the loans are only for Americans who are at least 21 years old. A bank account is also a requirement for anybody interested in borrowing from this lender. On top of all that, the lender expects you to have an active email address. The lack of a phone number is sufficient reason to deny you the loan you need.

LendUp Payday Loans

First-time borrowers can apply for a minimum of $250. That amount can be quite useful in resolving the emergency that faces you. Clients with poor or bad credit scores need not worry about the lender rejecting their applications.

The lender isn’t focused on providing loans only to clients with a bad credit score. Its offices and services are not everywhere in the country. Therefore, you would have to check its website to confirm if it has offices near you. In addition to this, you have to be at least 18 years old to qualify for the loan. Borrowers need a checking account too since the lender sends money via electronic transfers.

Are you concerned about your ability to get payday loans because of your bad credit score? Worry no more. The firm offers easy approval to all applicants who meet the requirements. The minimum loan amount any applicant can ask for is $500.

All loans have a lifespan of 3-36 months. The turnaround time differs from one applicant to the next and across different states. However, the lender tries to quicken the approval period for everybody. All applicants have to show proof that they are at least 18 years. Apart from that, the lender also expects that all clients or borrowers to have checking accounts registered under their name.

With this information, you’re free to look for the best payday loans.

Is Lendingtree Legit /is-lendingtree-legit/ Wed, 08 Apr 2020 11:51:31 +0000 LendingTree Personal Loans
Is Lendingtree Legit
Is Lendingtree Legit

For quite a while now, many people have been asking “Is LendingTree legit?” LendingTree is an online platform connecting borrowers to lenders. By filling out a single form, you can get access to numerous offers from various lenders and other financial institutions. By doing this, you get a chance to compare the rates and choose the best.
We’ll go through how LendingTree works, the loans you can access and what to look out for while taking out a personal loan from LendingTree.

LendingTree Personal Loans

All personal loans offered at LendingTree are unsecured. This means you don’t have to put any collateral such as your house, savings or your car to get the loan. On the other hand, the amount you borrow, the repayment period and your credit score will affect the interest rates.

Since LendingTree works as a broker, it is common for you to come across multiple rates from various lenders after filling out a form.

According to LendingTree, their partners offer rates starting from 5.32% to 36% APR. Depending on your financial history, you can get differences as high as 5%.

The loan amount ranges from $1,000 to $35,000 and you can use the funds on a number of activities. Some include business activities, cars, home renovations, college tuition and debt consolidation among others.

With regards to application fees, LendingTree doesn’t charge any. Nevertheless, you will have to pay any other fees after taking out a loan with a partner lender. Such fees include closing costs and origination fees. As additional information, most borrowers of LendingTree have credit scores no less than 660.

How to Apply

First, you’ll need to pick the type of loan you need. A number of categories like medical expenses, wedding expenses, home renovations, credit card and debt consolidation and vacations seem quite popular.

Then, you’ll have to fill out a request form. The form is available online or you can download it and then submit it after completion. Questions like your income, employment and loan amount will be in the form. Note that they will be verified by potential lenders.

After filling out all your details, the form is sent to a number of lenders. They will scrutinize the information and then craft a customized loan offer for you.

Before accepting any offer, you have the liberty to go through other offers from multiple lenders. You can view the offers from your dashboard. After the application, all communication will be direct with the lender and not through LendingTree.

Also, all credit report pulls done by LendingTree are only soft pulls. How the lender on the platform handles the reports will be up to them. Some may decide to perform a hard or soft check. The former will affect your credit score, especially if done a number of times within a short duration.

What Next After Approval?

After settling on a loan of your choice, all communication will be one-on-one with the lender until completion of the application process. This will require submission of supporting documents to verify all information provided during the application. They include bank statements, pay stubs and W-2s.

All LendingTree partners will report your credit status to TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. You can use this opportunity to make on-time payments to improve your credit score in the long run.

Additional Features

With LendingTree, you can follow up on your credit score. What’s more, this tool is available for free. You can access articles and tips to assist you in making the right decision regarding the type of loan you need.

Besides that, you can use the online loan calculators to help you craft a repayment plan, figure out how much you can afford to take out and others.

LendingTree is available on mobile, both Android and iOS. With such apps, you can check your loan status, apply for a loan and even check your credit score.

How LendingTree came about

An accountant frustrated by having to walk from one lender to another for the best loan deals came up with this idea. The year was in 1998. His idea was to bring together the lenders and the borrower on one platform where they could strike a deal.

From then on, LendingTree has grown from strength to strength, enabling at least 55 million loan approvals and over $250 billion in loan transactions.

Apart from personal loans, LendingTree facilitates auto loans, student loans, business loans, refinances, mortgages, home equity loans and more.

What to Look out for Before Taking Out a Loan on LendingTree

  • Multiple Lenders
    LendingTree offers access to a variety of lenders. On the other hand, they can be a nuisance because of the many offers bombarding you. The number of phone calls you’ll receive from lenders trying to court you into accepting their deal, emails and the like.
    However, it’s a great way to shop around for the best deals available without having to leave your house. All online. Since LendingTree offers your information to potential lenders, it is important for you to go through the terms and conditions before signing anything.
  • Get an Idea of Your Credit Score
    LendingTree partners with at least 1,500 lenders countrywide. With so many lenders waiting to offer you a deal, you can use this opportunity to get a glimpse of the types of loans you’ll receive. Even though you may have a poor credit, you can still find a deal that suits you.

In addition, you can get a lot of information from LendingTree regarding loan terms and interest rates.

Should you go to LendingTree?

LendingTree has been around for 20 years. This platform offers borrowers convenience when it comes to loan shopping since everything is under one roof. If you have a fair credit score, you can access a number of loans and credits.
What’s more, the only headache you’ll have will be to settle on a certain lender. This is because LendingTree allows lenders to bid for your loan. In fact, this makes it easier for you to take out a loan using LendingTree than from a bank.

However, you have to deal with the high APRs. In addition, as much as you have multiple bids at your disposal, they may become a nuisance, especially if the lenders start calling you at odd hours.
Overall, LendingTree is a fantastic platform if you are looking for a myriad of offers from multiple lenders. Therefore, you have a high chance of finding a lender who will suit your needs.

Statute of Limitations California Debt /statute-of-limitations-california-debt/ Wed, 08 Apr 2020 01:58:32 +0000 A statute of limitations for California Debt
Statute of Limitations California Debt
Stash Invest Reviews

Just like any other American state, Californians rely on credit cards to get by daily. These cards end up accumulating lots of debts for the cardholders. Apart from credit card debts, there are several other debts including student loans, auto loans, and mortgages. California is also one of the states that are known to enact laws to protect its citizens. There are several laws to this effect and some of the laws work alongside the federal laws. Some of them are also limited to California. For instance, the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits debt collectors from harassing borrowers, however, California has furthered that law. California’s law, on the other hand, prohibits anyone who collects debts from harassing the debtor. In this case, the federal law does not protect debtors against harsh treatments from creditors since it is only prohibiting debt collectors. California’s law protects debtors from everyone who collect debts, including the original creditors. The Act that is in charge of California’s consumer protection is the California/Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

What is the statute of limitation?

A statute of limitation is the law that indicates the period of time for which a legal action can be taken against you when you owe debts. When the debt is older than the statute of limitation, the creditor no longer has the right to sue you for the payments. You may decide to pay it on moral grounds but you are no longer under any obligation. In California, the statute of limitation is 4 years. Which means that a creditor cannot sue you for a debt that is more than 4 years old. This law is applicable to only written contracts. In most cases, credit cards and other loan forms have written contracts. With credit cards, they will offer you the terms and you agree to it by signing. There is provision for oral contracts as well. The statute of limitation for oral contracts is 2 years.

A federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act makes this provision and any creditor who threatens to sue a borrower for a credit that is older than the statute of limitations violates this law.

When Did the Statute of Limitation Clock Start Running?

The clock starts running when you stop taking action on your debt. When you breach the contract, the clock begins to tick. The statute of limitation clock can begin to tick when you miss payments.

In California, the statute of limitation clock begins to tick on any of these three dates.

  1. The due date of you miss a payment.
  2. The date you made your last purchase.
  3. The date you made your last payment.

Although these are known the be the standard circumstances under which the statute of limitation clock starts ticking, it is not always the same. Checking the date that the clock began ticking may look straightforward due to the circumstances listed above, but it is not always the case. In some cases, you may need to professional to help you get the right date for your case. It becomes difficult to establish the right date the statute of limitation in some cases due to some actions that extend or toll the statute of limitation.

Extending or Tolling the Statute of Limitation

  1. If your credit card company gives you additional time to pay the debt
    Sometimes, the credit card company or creditor may lengthen your repayment period by offering you an extra time to pay your debt. Once they have informed you about the additional time, it extends the statute of limitation. Even if you do not take any action around that period. For instance, if you missed a payment on February 5, 2018, and the creditor decides to give you up to May 5, 2018 to make payments. The statute of limitation gets extended by 3 months. The start date is now May 5.
  2. If the creditor encounters unforeseen circumstances
    The statute of limitation is tolled when the creditor encounters certain issues that prevent him or her from collecting the debts. In most of these cases, the statute of limitation can begin and then it will toll due to these circumstances. It will begin again when the circumstance is sorted out. For instance, when the person who can sue you is imprisoned, away at war, or incarcerated.

Reviving the Statute of Limitations

Since you are likely to make periodic payments on your credit card, you should be cautious not to reset the statute of limitation unintentionally. The instance under which the statute of limitation is this. When you stop making payments for a long time, the statute of limitation will begin. If you make payments along the line, the statute of limitation will reset to zero. There is an exception to this rule. If the credit card company or creditor closes your account and you make a payment, the statute of limitation does not reset. The statute of limitation only resets on accounts that are still active.

Waiving of the Statute of Limitation

It is not possible to verbally waive the statute of limitation but you are likely to waive it if you sign some agreements. Some contracts state that you will waive the statute of limitation. When you sign the agreement, you have agreed to waive it. Due to this, it is important to carefully read the agreement before you sign.

The creditor may also ask you to sign an extension in the statute of limitation. This extends the period in which you can be sued for your debts. This waiver can only work if you sign the document. The maximum length time for which an extension can be affected is 4 years.

The creditor may also ask you to sign a documents promising that you will pay the debt. They can only ask you to sign the new document when the statute of limitation expires. In this case, you can decide not to sign it since you are not obligated to sign it. However, once you sign it, you will be bonded by the contract and you will be obligated to pay the debt. The statute of limitation will only start running again after you miss a payment under the new contract.

Why the Statute of Limitation Matters?

The statute of limitation gives the creditor a period which they can force the debtor to pay the debt. They will need judgment from the court before forcing you to pay the debt. They will first sue you and when the court agrees that they can collect the debt since the debtor really owes the said amount, they can collect the debt. They will need to submit the judgment to an employer or bank before money is released on the account of the debtor. Once the creditor or the debt collection company has the judgment, he or she can garnish the wages of the debtor. In most cases, the debt collector will submit the judgment to the employer who will then release the debtor’s salary as payment for the debt. They could take some part of the salary for an extended period and this needs to comply with the California wage garnishment law.

They can also take cash from your account as payment for the debt. This is popularly called levying against your account. With this, the creditor or debt collector will need to submit the judgment to your bank to begin the process.

If the creditor is unable to sue the debtor until the statute of limitations expires, he or she loses the right to get a judgment against you or force you to pay the debt.

Things the Debt Collector Keeps from You

  1. The debt collector must stop calling you at work if you tell them to. Many people do not know this but it is clear in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that when your employer is not comfortable with debt collectors contacting you while at work; you must inform the debt collector about it. The debt collector must also stop contacting you at work after that.
  2. The debt collectors cannot explain your situation to other people. It is illegal for other people to know about your debt through them.
  3. Your credit will not improve right after you pay off your collections. Contrary to what creditors tell you, your collections will stay on your credit report for seven and a half years. The debt collector will tell you that when you pay your account in full, they will update your report but note that it takes seven and a half years for the collection to be taken off your report.
  4. You do not need to pay the debt of a deceased relative. The debt collector may not share that information with you but you should know. The instance where you will be required to pay the debt is when you are a cosigner and in some cases, if it is your spouse. The debt collector can also collect the debt if the person left an estate.
Understanding SunTrust Auto Loans /suntrust-auto-loan/ Tue, 07 Apr 2020 08:28:30 +0000

About SunTrust Auto Loans

SunTrust Bank is one of the leading lenders and providers of financial services. It deals with different types of clients including individuals, companies, businesses and corporate. The bank has its headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia in USA.

It was founded in the year 1865 to provide financial services to people living in the 50 states of USA. Other than just providing banking services, it also offers banking, wealth management services and mortgages. Today, the company has over 1,400 branches in the U.S. Also, it has more than 2,000 ATMs in the United States.



What is a SunTrust Auto Loan?

SunTrust offers promising and consumer-friendly interest rates. It has a wide range of products which can be easily accessed. The application process is fast and easy.

Funding can be done on the same day at no fee. Physically, the bank is only present in a few cities including Washington DC. The bank operates by reaching its clients through an online feature referred to as a light stream.

The Light Stream Feature

Light stream is an excellent feature that works well for the following category of clients:

  • Clients who want to access fund within the shortest period possible. A light stream is advantageous to those individuals who expect to receive a response the same day they make an application
  • Clients with a strong financial profile and credentials
  • Clients who are flexible

Learn How to Apply for a SunTrust Auto Loan

understand auto loan

Applying for an Auto loan with SunTrust is quick and easy. You need to sign up on the company’s website. Complete the online application forms. You then need to approve and accept the loan agreement. From there, you wait for your bank account to be credited with funds.

SunTrust  APR on Auto Loans

  • SunTrust offers its auto loans at an APR that is quite variable. It ranges from a rate of 1.99% to 10.29%. The APR varies depending on several factors. These include loan amount, the purpose of the loan, credit profile of the lender and loan term. When using the invoicing option, the rates are higher by 0.5%.
  • The following APR is charged on loans for different types of loans APR for new car auto loan. This APR also applies for auto loans on used cars.
  • For lease buyouts, the bank charges an APR of 3.04%.
  • Classic car loan has an APR of 1.99%.
  • For loan refinancing, SunTrust charges an APR of 2.24%

Loan Amount

The loan amount varies. Different clients are eligible for different loan amounts. You can access loans amounts ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. However, the loan amount you get depends on creditworthiness and financial profile of the customer.

Loan Terms

The bank offers auto loans with 84 months maximum term. Auto loan repayment terms are long enough to give clients sufficient time to repay. Therefore clients can get larger loans affordable monthly payments.


Fees charged by SunTrust for its products and services include the following;

Late Fees

Whenever a client delays payment for a loan, SunTrust charges a small fee commonly referred to an as late fee. This is a penalty for late payment of your loans.

Origination fees

The origination fee is a kind of fee charged by banks to cater for loan processing, funding and underwriting a loan. Origination fees vary from one lender to another. The good news is that SunTrust bank does not charge lending fees.

Prepayment Fees

SunTrust charges a prepayment fee. This happens in a situation where the lender pays the loan earlier that as agreed. The reason why the bank charges prepayment fees is prepayment reduces or may even eliminate interest savings.

 Application Fee

The bank does not charge application fees.

SunTrust Fees


SunTrust Loan Products

SunTrust offers a wide range of products. You no longer have to go through an excess hassle to purchase a car. Purchasing a new car or used car has never been easier than this.  SunTrust is a fast way of accessing car loans. SunTrust is accommodative towards clients who wish to lease or buy leased cars.

The bank also deals in other types of loans that you can utilize to steer your business to the other level.
In addition, the company ensures all clients can access the loans at affordable rates.  You don’t have to worry about your financial status because, at SunTrust, there is something for everyone. Some of the products include;

Auto Loans

SunTrust avails to its customer’s highly affordable loans with which they can buy new used and classic cars. Getting access to auto loans is quick and easy. In addition, the loans are offered at low interest rates. You can borrow the amount you need using the light stream feature. SunTrust has gone an extra mile to ensure that customers are satisfied with their products and services.

The main auto loan products include:

  •         New Auto loan
  •         Used Auto loan
  •         Classic car loans
  •         Auto Refinancing
  •         Auto lease buyout

Other competitors are citizen one auto loans and BBVA auto loans 

New Auto Loans

New auto loan accessed through the light stream is an impressive product that helps users make new car purchases at any dealers of their choice. The loans are available at amounts ranging from $5000 up to $100,000. SunTrust offers the loans at affordable interest rates starting from 3.09% Annual percentage range with AutoPay.

The loan term varies depending on several factors including creditworthiness and loan amount. It ranges from 24 months to 84 months. To apply for SunTrust new auto loans, you need to sign up for online banking using the SunTrust Mobile App. This is followed by completing online application forms.

Upon application, customers receive communication from the bank a short moment after the application is complete. However, it is important to note that customers only receive responses from the bank during working or business hours. No fees are charged on your application. Funding can be made on the same day you apply.

Used Auto loan

Are you seeking to purchase a used car but you don’t have all the needed funds?  You no longer have to worry about funding because SunTrust light stream used car auto loans are available to meet all your funding needs. The light stream has ensured quick and easy access to loans for used cars.

You can apply for the products online and access the funds on the very same day you apply. The good news is that the loans are available to you at the most affordable interest rates.

As a matter of fact, SunTrust light stream beats all other qualifying rates offered by other similar lenders. Similar to new auto loans, there are no fees on used auto loans. Loan amount varies depending on the needs of individual clients.

The amount ranges from a minimum of $5000 to a maximum of $100,000. The interest rates are quite affordable. With AutoPay, the APR starts at 3.09%. Loan terms vary but it ranges from 24 months to 84 months. You can pay your loans more comfortably by taking advantage of the long repayment durations.

The funds are credited to your account the same day you make your application. Applications are made online and no fees are charged on the applications. Secured and unsecured used auto loans are available. However, to qualify for unsecured loans, you require to be creditworthy and have a good financial profile.

Classic car loans

Classic car loans are yet another excellent product provided by Sun Trust through the bank’s light stream feature. You no longer have to go through the hassle to get the car of your choice. With Light stream, the online lending platform, you can get all the funding you need for the car of your dreams.

You can easily make an online application and get the funds credited to your account the same day you apply. SunTrust beats all other qualifying rates by all other lenders. The minimum loan amount offered by the bank is $5,000 while the maximum loan amount is $100,000.

Customers can take advantage of the highly affordable interest rates. With Autopay, you can get APR starting from 3.09%. These are rates you won’t find with any other lender. Loan applications are made online and there are no fees charged on the applications.

Also, the loans may be secured or unsecured. You may need collateral for your loan depending on whether you are creditworthy or not. It is advisable to maintain a good credit profile in order to get access to larger loans without collateral.

Auto refinance

Light Stream Auto Refinance is an excellent car loan product. It enables you to refinance your auto loans. Users can benefit from lower monthly rates. In addition, they can shorten the length of the payment term. There are no fees on this product. Users can utilize the product to pay off their car loans. The good news is accessing the product is easy and fast. Clients can get the funding on the same day they apply.

The loan amount you can get ranges from $5000 to a maximum of $100,000. The interest rates start at 3.09%2 Annual Percentage Range.  Light Stream Auto Refinance can be paid in a duration ranging from 24 months up to 84 months. It is worth noting that you can get secured or unsecured loans. It all depends on the credit profile of the applicant.

Auto ‘lease buyout

It is easy to find yourself in a situation where your lease is expired but you love the car you have been leasing. In such a situation you should consider buying the car and retaining it. The next big questions are whether you have the funds or not. Light Stream Auto lease buyout is an excellent product that enables you to purchase a car you’ve been leasing by funding the purchase.

With auto lease buyout, you can get loan amount ranging from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $100,000.  An impressive feature of the product is the APR. With AutoPay, your loans have an APR starting at a rate of 3.39%. You can comfortably pay back your loan in a loan term ranging from 24 months to 84 months.

Other services include offered by SunTrust include:

  • Investment banking service
  • Personal loans
  • Car financing
  • Lease buyout
  • New car loans
  • Used car loan
  • Auto purchase for private party
  • Motorcycle loans
  • Boat loans
  • Boat refinancing.
  • Medical financing
  • Land purchase loans
offered by SunTrust
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How to Manage Your Auto Loan

SunTrust provides you with an easy way of managing your auto loans. With the recent wave of technology, you can easily and conveniently be managing your loan using online banking.

SunTrust Mobile

The app enables you to manage your loan using your phone or computer. All you need to do is download the app from the app store or Google play store. With the app, the user can easily manage their auto loans from the comfort of their homes.

Online Banking

To take advantage of online banking services offered by SunTrust, you need to sign up with us.

How to Sign Up for Online Banking

To sign up for SunTrust Online Banking, customers should visit the official website and create an online account.

The SunTrust Mobile App is a special feature of SunTrust bank that allows you to manage banking using your smartphone.

Features of SunTrust Mobile App

  •         You can transfer funds using the app.
  •         You can use it for depositing checks.
  •         It keeps a record of your transaction history.
  •         It allows you to pay and manage your bills from the comfort of your home.

Qualification/ Requirements for SunTrust Auto Loans

Sun Trust considers a number of factors before arriving at a decision as giving a loan to any individual. These factors include:

  •  Age
  • All applicants must be aged 18 years and above
  •  Creditworthiness

Applicants must be creditworthy. SunTrust bank gives loans to clients who have a credit score of 700 and above.

To qualify for SunTrust loans every individual is required to have the following documents;

  • A valid driving license
  • A residence permit or a proof of citizenship
  • An identity proof
  • Income proof

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for SunTrust Car auto loans, clients need a strong credit profile. Eligible customers can get access to secured or unsecured loans based on creditworthiness and financial profile.

SunTrust Cayman Company (Cayman) Limited

SunTrust Company operates two non-bank entities. SunTrust Company (Cayman) Limited is based in the Cayman Islands. The entity has consolidated about $2.2 billion assets. These figures are as at the end of the year 2016. Cayman Limited Trust has a Trust License. It operates as a Trustee dealing with Revocable Reserved Power Trusts. In addition, it deals with Revocable Discretionary Trust specifically for non-U.S clients.

SunTrust Delaware Trust Company

SunTrust Delaware Trust Company is a branch of the company that was recently opened to provide its high net worth clients with top-notch investment services. It is an adviser which provides investment-related services to investors interested in taking their businesses to the other level.

The company helps to manage the property of their respective owners. With Delaware Trusts, clients can take advantage of its tax-friendly legislations. These provide better protection to their assets. As a result of the company’s trustworthiness and tax-friendly legislations, many wealthy clients have opted to seek the trust jurisdiction services offered by the company.

Other advantages associated with SunTrust Delaware Trust Company include:

  •         It can be trusted. The company is able to ensure the trusts are kept safely and that their existence is hidden away from the beneficiaries.
  •         It offers greater investment flexibility
  •         Assets belonging to clients are protected from creditors. It also ensures the assets are safe from claims resulting from personal liability
  •         It offers its clients benefits related to income tax
  •         The privacy of its clients is protected

SunTrust bank is an equal housing lender

SunTrust Banks Inc has a number of trademarks including:

SunTrust, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, SunTrust Portfolio View, SunTrust Premier Program, AMC Premier, AMC Pinnacle, Access 3, Custom Choice Loan,

SunTrust Summit View, and Signature Advantage Brokerage. It is important to note that other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

Services offered by the affiliates of SunTrust Banks, Inc.:

Banking services and products are offered by SunTrust Bank which is a member of FDIC. Investment Management and Trust services are offered by SunTrust Bank, SunTrust Banks Trust Bank (Cayman) Limited.

Other Services

Other services including insurance, securities, and brokerage accounts are provided by SunTrust Investment Service, Inc which is registered with SEC as a broker-dealer.

Insurance Members

It is also a member of FINRA and SIPC. The company is licensed as an insurance agency. Mortgage services and products are provided through SunTrust Mortgage which is SunTrust Banks trade name. SunTrust Bank provides loans to clients.

Trade Names

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey is a trade name used for investment banking and corporate services offered by SunTrust Banks, Inc as well as its subsidiaries that include SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, Inc. which is a member of FINRA and SIPC.

Trade Name, SunTrust advisors include officers or persons associated with the following SunTrust bank Inc. affiliates; SunTrust Bank, a commercial bank offering banking, asset management and trust services, SunTrust investment services Inc. which is registered as a broker-dealer and a member of FINRA, SunTrust Advisory Service, Inc. registered with SEC as an investment adviser providing services related to investment advice.

Wealth Management

SunTrust International Wealth Management, Private Wealth Management, Business Owner Specialty Group, Medical and Legal Specialty Group, GenSpring and Sports and Entertainment Group  are all marketing names utilized by SunTrust Bank, SunTrust Delaware Trust Company, SunTrust Banks Trust Company (Cayman) Limited, SunTrust Banks Trust Bank Cayman Limited, SunTrust Investment Services, Inc. and SunTrust Investment Services, Inc.

To sum up

SunTrust has taken the loaning industry by storm with the Light Stream feature. For several years, it has met the financial needs of its clients by providing affordable loans. Clients can take advantage of the competitive loans the lending company has to offer. The rates are quite affordable. Also, the application procedure is easy and straightforward.

Anyone can again access to SunTrust Auto loans. However, it is necessary for clients to maintain a good financial profile. No fees are charged on SunTrust Auto Loans. Therefore clients need not incur unnecessary expenses to purchase a car.

Also, customers enjoy the freedom of purchasing the cars of their choice with SunTrust auto loans. With an attractive financial profile, SunTrust can offer you larger amounts of money without the need for collateral.

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks /does-walmart-cash-personal-checks/ Tue, 07 Apr 2020 07:35:15 +0000 Places you can encash a check
Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks
Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks

With the evolution of technology, online payments are becoming more and more popular. As a matter of fact, they are the primary mode of payment for many people.

Traditional methods like encashing checks are still in force. As much as the digital payments take the driver’s seat in most transactions, such methods still come in handy. However, you’ll be surprised to find out that 39% of the world’s population don’t have a bank account. That is 7% of Americans without bank accounts.

So, it’s quite difficult to find a place where you can encash your check if you don’t have a bank account. Banks will decline the offer because they have no idea how to find you if the check returns invalid. Not to worry though because there are many companies that can encash your check for a fee.

The terms of service for each of these companies vary. So, here are some of the most reputable companies that allow you to encash your check without a bank account.


Walmart stores are in almost every city. In fact, you can find 2 or more in a single city. Besides that, they have fair prices on almost everything including cashing checks.

For example, you only need to part with $3 for encashing a check worth $1,000 and below. If you intend on encashing a check worth more than a $1,000, they’ll charge $6 as fees.

It gets even better because Walmart lets you choose between instant cash or you could stash the money in the Walmart Moneycard.

Types of checks they encash

  • Government checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Insurance and settlement checks
  • MoneyGram money orders purchased at a Walmart store
  • 401k and other retirement distribution checks

Keep in mind that the limit for every check they encash stands at $5,000 and $7,500 in the tax season that is January to April. In addition to that, the rules surrounding check cashing will vary from one state to another.

Regions Bank Branches

There are many Region Bank branches across the United States and they offer check encashing services. The value of the check you intend on encashing will determine the percentage you’ll be charged as a fee which is between 1% and 5%.

Types of checks they encash

As mentioned earlier, banks aren’t in the habit of cashing checks if you don’t have an account with them. However, with Regions Bank, things are different. You can encash a check even if it wasn’t drawn from them. Below are some of the checks they encash:

  • Payroll checks
  • Money orders
  • Government checks
  • Business and handwritten 2-party consumer checks

Credit unions or the bank issuing the check

It is common to encash a check with the bank or maker who issued it. Usually, the information regarding the maker can be found on the check itself. For example, if you have a check issued by Wells Fargo, you can cash it any Wells Fargo bank.
More often than not, banks won’t charge you a fee while encashing a check with them. However, there are banks that will charge you a certain fee if you don’t have a savings or checking account with them. In addition to that, other restrictions still hold.

Note that you will need valid identification such as a state driver’s license, passport or a valid ID. Other forms of identification may be accepted.

Grocery stores

Grocery stores populate the country, making them suitable locations to encash a check. As much as they can encash checks, the types of checks will vary from one grocery store to another. However, most of them will encash payroll and government checks from companies in the area. The fees charged will vary from store to store, but here are some that offer check encashing services.


You can find a Publix store near you if you’re in the East Coast. Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and more. According to the store’s website, Publix cashes personal and payroll checks.
It, however, doesn’t mention anything about government checks. You can also purchase money orders, but you can’t encash them.


Expect to encash electronically signed checks like government checks and payroll checks worth a maximum of $5,000. Kroger could also cash insurance and business checks as well with the exception of handwritten checks.

Kroger owns a string of other grocery stores like Fry’s Food, King Soopers and Fred Meyer and you will be subject to the same terms while encashing a check at these stores.

Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie has branches in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. Their policies regarding cash checking are limited. For example, you can’t encash a payroll check that’s worth more than $500. You’ll have to contact other stores for more information or visit other stores.


You’ll find Albertson’s stores in Colorado, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Wyoming and Louisiana.

Apart from personal checks, Albertson’s will encash other electronically signed checks like government and payroll checks. The maximum you can encash is capped at $1,000.

Check cashing entities

There are multiple check encashing entities that will encash checks for you for a fee. The fees extended to you will vary from one entity to another as well as the individual in question. Below are some reputable encashing entities in the United States.

Friendly Check Cashing

Friendly Check Cashing has stores in most of North Carolina and some of the checks they encash include:

  • Government checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Money orders
  • Tax refund checks
  • Insurance checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Personal checks 401k checks
  • Checks made to a business

Their name may be friendly but Friendly Check Cashing charges a whopping 10% as fees. That’s a lot by many standards. Anyway, if you decide to use them, you’ll need to produce valid identification documents.

Ace Cash Express

As long as you have a valid identification document like an ID, you can encash at just about any check at Ace Cash Express. Here are some:

  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Personal checks
  • Government checks
  • Money orders
  • Payroll checks
  • Checks made payable to certain companies

The fees to be charged aren’t listed on the website, but they claim to encash checks of any value. However, there’s always a catch. There are certain terms and conditions to meet before approval. You can visit their physical stores to get more information.

Check into Cash

There’re more than 1,000 physical stores according to the Check into Cash website offering check encashing and other money services. Check out some of the checks they encash:

  • Insurance checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Money orders
  • Tax refund checks
  • Government checks
  • Handwritten or printed payroll checks
  • A number of personal checks

Speedy Cash

This entity has stores across the United States. You can encash your check at a number of their stores although their website doesn’t list them. So, you’ll have to do the digging yourself.

Some of the checks you can encash are:

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Government checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Money orders
  • Personal checks

Their website also indicates that they can encash checks of any value. So, that’s a plus to you. The fees though aren’t clear because they do business in a number of states.

Tips when encashing checks at cashing stores

There are entities that offer check encashing services other than banks, but it’s critical that you understand there are some terms and conditions. So, here are some tips on what you expect when cashing at a non-bank entity.

There are Fees

You are likely to pay some fees to facilitate the transaction if you intend on encashing a check at non-bank entities. These fees will vary from one company to another as well as the state the company is located.

More often than not, the fees are charged as a percentage of the amount you intend on encashing. You can visit the store’s website or physical location for more information.

You Need to Identify Yourself

You can never encash a check without a valid identification document. So, the next time you plan to encash a check, you better carry some form of identification, such as a passport and state driver’s license.

There are limits to how much you can encash

Various stores have varying limits on how much you can encash. So, it is important that you visit their websites or physical stores for more information.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid the above limits and fees, it is advisable that you open a bank account, particularly a checking account. In addition to that, certain banks require that you have a clean bill of financial health when it comes to your banking history.

Others are quite lenient about who can open a savings and checking account. So, look, around if you get turned down by one.

There are limits to how much you can encash

Various stores have varying limits on how much you can encash. So, it is important that you visit their websites or physical stores for more information.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid the above limits and fees, it is advisable that you open a bank account, particularly a checking account. In addition to that, certain banks require that you have a clean bill of financial health when it comes to your banking history.

Others are quite lenient about who can open a savings and checking account. So, look, around if you get turned down by one.


The next time you need to encash your check without a bank account, you know what to do. You are now more knowledgeable when it comes to the terms and conditions regarding cash checking services at banks or non-banks.

synchrony bank amazon payment /synchrony-bank-amazon-payment/ Tue, 07 Apr 2020 01:48:23 +0000

If you want to make payment for purchasing items at Amazon, store card which is issued by Synchrony bank is worth considering. The card can be used for purchases. To use the store card, you need to select physical stores that accept the card as one of their payment options.

Once your card is approved, you will also receive an gift card that comes with a described value which is loaded in the cardholders account. There are no annual fees charged on the card. However, the card cannot just be used anywhere but only for purchases. store card is just like any other credit card, only that is it exclusively used for Synchrony bank amazon payment. The card is one of the best store cards and comes with benefits too. If you are an store cardholder, you will get;

  • 5% back on purchases up to $149
  • Either a 5% back or 6 months financing for purchases totaling $149 or more. If you pay your balance in full within 6 months, no interest is charged.


  • 24 months special financing on select items. In this offer, cardholders get 24 months with 0% APR on specified items on But just like other offers, you have to pay the balance in full to avoid an interest charge.


  • 5% back or 12 months financing on purchases of $599 or more

Other benefits and features of store card

Instant credit decision

After you apply for the card, you will receive a response within 15 seconds. You can also start making purchases once you are approved.

$10 gift card

This will be loaded to the cardholders account after approval.

No annual fee

Contrary to many credit cards, the card does not attract an annual fee charge.

Zero fraud liability

This will protect the cardholder from any unauthorized charges on their store card account.

Besides these benefits, you will also benefit from a 0% APR on purchases if you decide to pay purchases in 12 equal monthly installments. This can come in handy when you want to make major purchases like holiday shopping.

Amazon Prime Store Card

The Amazon Prime store card which is an upgrade from Amazon store card is also one of the Synchrony bank store credit cards issued to customers who frequently shop at Once you get the card, you automatically upgrade to amazon prime membership. Amazon Prime members can benefit from Prime music and a Kindle lending library, free two-day shipping on specific items and Prime Instance Video. If you are yet to sign up for the Amazon Prime and you make purchases of more than $750 at Amazon, the card can be the best option for you to earn rewards. For you to qualify as a Prime member, you have to spend at least $1980 on the card every year. If you decide to cancel your Prime membership, you will still remain an store cardholder and enjoy promotional financing offers. The card, which has an APR of 25.99% can only be used for Amazon purchases.

Amazon Prime store card can come in handy if you are a frequent shopper who wants to save extra cash while earning rewards. The card offers 5% back on total purchases. The store card does not charge a monthly annual fee, but you need to have good credit for you to qualify. Membership currently costs $99 per year. If you are a student, you will be charged $49 annually.

Is Amazon Prime store card worth having?

Several cards will allow customers to save money when purchasing items at However, most of them come with restrictions. Even when the 5% cash back is given on purchases, some offer them only at specific times of the year or only after you purchase items up to a specified limit. This makes Amazon Prime store card worth considering for Synchrony bank amazon payment.

Are there any drawbacks?

Even with the many benefits, the card has some downsides too. One disadvantage of the Amazon prime store card is its restricted use. The card can only be used by customers who shop on their website. Again, it has a high APR of 25.99%. But you can still avoid this rate by paying off your monthly balances on time. The benefit of paying for large purchases for a period of 6 months with no interest charges can also sound appealing, but if you don’t pay off your debt on time, you may end up with a larger bill to pay. Besides, the card can only be used at You also cannot use the card to purchase;

  • Amazon Prime membership
  • For downloading games and software at
  • Digital newspapers and magazine subscriptions
  • Other gift cards

Making a payment on amazon store card account

You can make payment by signing into your Synchrony bank online account. Payments can also be made over the phone or by mail.

Is Amazon store card worth it?

The decision to sign up for any credit card can be challenging, no matter what the benefits and drawbacks are. It all depends on whether or not the card offers will work for you. If you are a regular shopper, Synchrony credit cards can work well with you. But you first need to be aware of the fine prints and avoid pilling a bigger balance. A 5% cash back is a generous offer, but a 25.99% APR can be terrifying.


Venmo Transfer Limit /venmo-transfer-limit/ Sun, 05 Apr 2020 20:22:00 +0000 Understanding the Venmo Transfer Limit

Venmo Transfer Limit

With technology wheel opening doors with every day, the financial sphere has not been left behind either. While in the past you would have had to manually walk into a banking hall and access your verified bank account to send and receive money, now you can do that with just a few clicks on your phone or computer using a money transfers service like Venmo.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a US-based, licensed provider of money transfers services that are currently owned and operated by PayPal.

The idea was conceived by two University of Pennsylvania roommates, Iqram Magdon-Ismail and Andrew Kortina who sought to upgrade from the boring conventional ways of remitting money, to something simpler and fun. It is then that they conceived a way of remitting money via text messages later upgrading it to a smartphone app.

They sold the company to Braintree in 2012 who later sold it to PayPal in December 2013 for a whopping $800 million. Having handled transactions to the tune of $12 billion in just the first three months of 2018, Venmo is quickly becoming the money transfer service of choice for those residing in the USA to send money to their friends and family.

How Does Venmo Work?

Users access Venmo through a mobile phone app or by logging on to their official website. One signs up by filling out the required basic information and providing verified bank account information. One can check for recipients using Venmo user name, phone number or email.

Once someone opens an account, they can have an operating balance in the account to shop and send money with. One can also enable the bank transfer time option by linking a verified bank account. One can also order for a Venmo MasterCard to use in making payments or still link a credit card or debit card.

Transfer Limit and Processing Fees

When you make payment using a bank account or debit, there are no fees attached to it and the service is totally free. However, when using credit cards, each transaction attracts a 3% processing fees. If someone makes a payment but their Venmo balance is not sufficient to complete that specific transaction, the service automatically deducts the remaining funds from the linked card or bank account.

When you first create a Venmo account and are yet to verify your account, you are limited to a $299.99 weekly rolling limit for all your purchases and payment transactions for that seven day period. When you verify your identity, the rolling limit is raised to $2,999.99 per week. However this limit only applies to the Venmo account and not the Venmo debit.

How Do You Verify Your Identity to Increase the Transfer Limit

To verify your identity and stretch the weekly rolling limit of your Venmo account from $299.99 to $2,999.99, you need to log on to the Venmo official website. You will be asked to provide necessary information to confirm your identity which include your birthdate, zip code, and the last four digits in your SSN. After your account verification is successful, you now have a window of opportunity to make more payments and purchases.

Your weekly rolling time limit for sending funds gets raised to $2,999.99, and you have a $2000 per transaction threshold for authorized merchant payments and Venmo visa debit card transactions. Combining all transactions, you, therefore, have a $4,999.99 total rolling limit per week.

Card limits and Venmo account limits affect each other per seven day period. If for example, someone was to send $2,500 using their Venmo account in a given week, only $2,499 would be eligible for use in either card transactions or authorized merchant payments to make a total $4,999.99 rolling limit for that week.

Venmo MasterCard

Running on the MasterCard network, the Venmo MasterCard offers overdraft protection and ATM access and can be used at any outlet that uses MasterCard. The debit has a limit of $400 allowed in daily withdrawals in one given day. Non-Money-Pass ATM withdrawals however attract a $2.50 withdrawal fee. An exciting feature is that the customer can get to track their card’s transaction history from inside the app and get a chance to cancel any unwanted actions. Please also check Eddie Bauer Credit Card, Instant Credit Card Approval and credit-card/8-best-low-fee-and-free-prepaid-debit-cards-in-2019.

Bank Transfer and Instant Transfer

While a standard Venmo transfer may take up to 1-3 time business days to process and at no fee, Venmo users have the chance to enjoy a new feature known as Instant Transfer, which allows them to transfer funds from their Venmo balance to their Visa debitor their MasterCard debit within a period of 30 minutes, for a small $0.25 fee per transaction.

When it comes to bank transfer, an unverified user may be allowed to send up to $999.99 to their bank account per week. However, when you verify your identity, you get a bank transfer limit of up to $19,999.99 per seven day period. Each single transaction nonetheless cannot surpass the $2,999.99 mark to ensure all dealings via Venmo are secure and trustworthy.

Venmo vs. PayPal

Although Venmo is a service of PayPal, sending money from one network to the other is not allowed as one may one may expect. Although both networks are easy to use and readily available on mobile platforms, there are some notable differences that make each service unique.

While Venmo, for instance, is only open to use by those residing in the US alone, PayPal is international, available in 26 currencies and in over 200 markets. PayPal also allows one to transfer up to a hefty sum of $10,000 while Venmo won’t surpass $2,999.99 in one transaction.

The most unique factor of Venmo has to be its social component. While most money transfer networks keep their dealings very formal, Venmo has a social media-like feed where users get to share their transaction details with relatives and family who can in turn comment or like the activity and use emojis to bring a lively experience. The world will certainly never be the same again with these developments and you should occasionally Venmo your friends and family and keep them close.

Did you know we also do loans?


We have payday loans, installment loans , bad credit loans and no credit check loans.


Eddie Bauer Credit Card Review /eddie-bauer-review/ Sun, 05 Apr 2020 17:24:51 +0000 Eddie Bauer Credit Card Review
Eddie Bauer Credit Card Review
Eddie Bauer Credit Card Review

Eddie Bauer LLC is a limited liability company that operates the Eddie Bauer clothing store chain. The company has more than 300 stores in the United States. Through their partnership with Comenity bank, the company offers financing to shoppers using the Eddie Bauer credit card. If you frequently shop at Eddie Bauer, you can earn rewards with an Eddie Bauer credit card from Comenity Bank. By joining adventure rewards, you can earn additional 2% rewards on every purchase made using the credit card. Besides, you will also enjoy cardholder exclusive promotions which include special sales and pre-shopping events. The card also offers free return shipping with no annual fee charges. After you are approved and receive your account information, you will immediately start enjoying the Eddie Bauer credit card offers.

Eddie Bauer credit card features

Credit cards that are limited to one store may not be the best option as their uses are very restricted. Comenity bank Eddie Bauer credit card is among those cards. But if you are a loyal Bauer credit card account shopper, then the credit card can be a good option for you. After all, you will be purchasing most of your clothing from the store and you can easily qualify for rewards.

One benefit of having an Eddie Bauer credit card is that you will earn rewards faster. Cardholders can join adventure rewards and earn an additional 2% in rewards on purchases made using the Comenity Eddie Bauer credit card. You can also shop without worrying since a free return shipping is available in every order. Exclusive cardholder promotions are also available where shoppers can receive a special invitation to special sales and pre-shopping events. When you open and start using the Eddie Bauer credit card, you will also save an extra 10% on the purchases you make. The card does not have an expiration date.

APR and fees

Eddie Bauer credit card holders are offered with the regular store card package. The card does not charge an annual fee. However, it has an annual percentage rate of 26.99% charged on purchases. The Eddie Bauer credit card does not apply other charges like cash advance APR and cash advance fee. A late fee starting from $35 is charged for cardholders who miss monthly payments and their cards have outstanding balances. You can easily qualify for the credit card by signing up for the card at Comenity Bank.

Eddie Bauer credit cards reward program

When you have an Eddie Bauer credit card, you can earn rewards and receive exclusive benefits for your spending. Considering that the bank is not linked with other major payment networks, it can only be used to purchase items from the Bauer credit card account website or their stores. Eddie Bauer shoppers can also participate in the Bauer credit card account rewards program instead of applying for the discount card. This is a store loyalty program where customers don’t need to have a credit card for them to participate. With these reward program, also referred to as Eddie Bauer friends adventure rewards, shoppers can have up to 3% in rewards for every dollar spent on purchases. The rewards can also be exchanged for certificates that can be used in Eddie Bauer stores. If you are an Eddie Bauer credit card holder, you can start receiving the rewards immediately you get the card. Cardholders receive a 15% off of the first items purchased. You will also receive an Eddie Bauer free shipping card and benefit from free return shipping to get a free Eddie Bauer newsletter. Additionally, you will receive a $15 discount on purchases made during your birthday month. Instead of the 3% discount on every dollar spent, Eddie Bauer cardholders earn an additional 2% rewards.

But as much as the Bauer credit card accounts are offered with good rewards programs, the card has a high APR rate of 26.99%. Having a balance in the debit can also reduce your earned rewards. If you want to be part of Bauer credit card account rewards program, you can as well skip the credit debit and become an Eddie Bauer friend’s member. The debit is exclusively used in Eddie Bauer stores and may not be a good option if you need a debit with more flexibility.

The APR rate of 26.99% varies depending on the prime rate. Eddie Bauer credit card is also a store card and not a MasterCard or Visa. This means that you won’t get any cash advances or balance transfers. With the high interest rate incurred, it is important that you pay all your monthly balances in full. Cardholders can either pay their bills online or in-store. The online account service can come in handy when you want to make bill payments and manage your account.

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Dispute resolution

If you have transaction issues or other problems with your card, there are standard dispute resolution procedures to solve the problem. The resolution will begin within 30 days of receiving written notification. You will be notified when the resolution process begins and when your issue is corrected. But during this period, any disputed amount will not be reported to any credit reporting agencies.

Bottom line

With an Eddie Bauer credit account, you can shop for shoes, outerwear and other items in Eddie Bauer stores. Considering that the best clothing can be costly, getting discounts on the items you purchase will help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Eddie Bauer loyalty programs are also available where you can still earn rewards without signing up for the credit card. The card also reports to credit bureaus and responsible usage will improve your credit score. You can decide whether an Eddie Bauer card is the best option for you by going through its rewards and incentives, the terms and conditions information and make a comparison with other store cards.

BBVA Compass Auto Loan /bbva-compass-auto-loan/ Sun, 05 Apr 2020 13:08:51 +0000 BBVA Compass Auto Loan
BBVA Compass Auto Loan

Over the last few decades, getting car loans has been dictated by many false assumptions. And if you have probably tried borrowing a debt to repair your car, chances are that you have come across the term Compass Auto Loan.
In this article, we are going to debunk the myths surrounding this financing method and give you a blueprint on how to go about it.

What Exactly is a BBVA Auto Loan?

A BBVA auto debt acts as a reliable source of finance to help car owners pay off any repair bills once they visit a repair shop. Coupled with the BBVA auto loan, the line of credit extends arms and helps you acquire that family can you always dreamt of without having to break a bank.

Simply put, this debt ensures your car is properly maintained as well as turning potential dreams of owning a car into reality.

As an added bonus, most lenders allow you to apply online so it’s a matter of hitting the button and sitting tight to wait for the approval.

Why You Need Auto Loan

We all know that the journey of purchasing the first car isn’t the easiest one since a lot goes into the process of buying a car. Many would prefer paying cash for a car. If you feel like you can afford to pay a small interest, then you can opt for an auto loan.

Whether you are looking to repair or buy a new car, there is a likelihood that you are considering financing. But before the dealership consents the paper signing, you need to know who will finance the credit.

Many loan borrowers end up facing missing out on loans due to bad credit scores and bad debts. This is partially driven by the fact that they don’t have prior knowledge of the loan requirements.

Time is money. A BBVA loan offers you potential same-day funding, helping you avert the unnecessary hassle of dealing with conventional banks.

Indicators That you can Afford a BBVA Auto Loan

Well, there are a couple of indicators used by the BBVA Compass car loan lenders to determine whether you actually meet the borrowing threshold.

It all starts with the basics. Do you want to fix your old car or are you ready to buy a new one? Can your own finances get you where you want?

  • An individual’s borrowing power determines how much money BBVA Compass will lend you and how much you can afford. If it becomes apparent that the repayment amounts are not significantly affecting your monthly income, then that’s an indicator that your financial position is sound.
  • If you can afford to repay with the monthly disposable income, that’s another great indicator that you can qualify for the loan.
  • Your debt to income ratio is another indicator. BBVA maintains that the amounts of debts you pay every month don’t exceed 39% of your monthly income. A ratio that exceeds 39% is considered a red flag.

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Lender’s Hallmarks to Lookout For

  • Lower Interest Rates
    This may seem like a no-brainer suggestion but it’s important. Before settling for a particular lender, ensure that you go window shopping to determine the one with the best interest rates. Remember: the lower the rates, the faster the chances of you paying off the loan. Depending on the loan amount, most lenders will lend you at an APR rate of between 5.24% and 6.74%.
  • Turnaround Time
    The other thing to look out for when sourcing for a BBVA auto loan lender is the time it takes for your loan to be approved. Typically, most lenders will avail the funds within 24 hours or less even when you aren’t a member of the BBVA.
  • Mode of Application
    The multiplicity of application channels through which you can apply your loan is another important consideration. You should be able to apply for a loan via a computer sipping a cup of mocha.

Application Process and Requirements

The BBVA auto loan application is mainly done online through the respective lenders’ portals. However, for the loan to be approved, you must be able to provide the following.

Ø Live in any of the BBVA Compass’ auto loan serviced states.
Ø Be at least 18 years old.
Ø Be a US citizen or a permanent resident.

Your Responsibility as a Borrower

Having the BBVA auto loan may not necessarily affect your credit score. However, it’s your responsibility to manage the loan as it may have an impact in the long-run. Just like any other loan, it’s important to strictly commit to your monthly payments as late remission may erode your credit rating.

Parting Thoughts

Dedicating a large sum of money to purchase a dream car can outright leave your savings account strained. A BBVA auto loan gives you the opportunity to buy a vehicle through affordable monthly payments. It also helps you gradually but perpetually boost your credit rating, provided your payments are on time. Plus, you get to increase your chances of buying a better vehicle which may deem too expensive to pay for in cash.