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Credit debt

A debt relief loan differs from an ordinary consolidation loan. In the case of consolidation, we combine several loans into one and we gain a lower installment. However, it is a product intended for people without delays in repayment, with a positive credit history.

However, an overly indebted person is trying to obtain a debt loan, which is unable to pay its debts normally. He often has already terminated contracts, debt collection and a debt collector on the back of his neck.

Is there still a chance for a loan in such a situation? In a normal bank, unfortunately, we will not get a debt loan. What else in SKOKach. One of them offers a debt loan for indebted people:

Credit debt

Credit debt

  • Loan for repayment of outstanding liabilities
  • Up to 70% of the property value
  • Also with court bailiffs and debt collection
  • No initial fees
  • For people from all over Poland

Who can get a debt loan

Who can get a debt loan

The purpose of such a loan is debt relief, not contracting the client. For this reason, in order to receive a loan, we must show a fixed income , enabling regular repayment of installments. The second condition is the presentation of a property that will secure the loan. The owner may be any person who will enter into a contract with us.

How to get a debt loan?

1. We fill out the query here.

2. Analysis of the indicated data.

3. Sending the required documents and meeting with the consultant.

4. Submitting a credit application in SKOK.

5. Debt loan payment at the SKOK headquarters.


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